Friday, Every Day

This morning I woke up and things looked different. Everything seemed the same but the way I saw them looked different. The way the sunlight in my bedroom peeked through the blinds took on a new shine. The way the blanket felt on top of my body as I laid in bed seemed to hug my skin in a new way. When I got out of bed and walked down the long hallway, same as I had done many mornings before, somehow even the wooden floors underneath my feet seemed to support me in a new way. I got to the front door, opened it wide and looked out. The cool breeze of the morning touched my face gently. I heard the leaves of the trees rustle above me. I looked up the block then back down the block, taking in my first few moments of the day. I decided right then that today, would be a good day.

The mornings always have a bluish hue to them as the sun makes its way up through the sky and prepared for the day ahead. You can feel it in the air; the beginning of a new cycle. Much like the cycle of the day that starts when you open your eyes and get out of bed each morning.

Life is made up through a series of cycles. The cycle of weeks, months, days, seasons, sunrises and sunsets.

In about two months, we will be prepping for another cycle, the Fall season. September will be here and the hazy days of summer will start to slip into the distance. We’ll start to think about how much time we have left in the year. We’ll think how the time went by so fast. We’ll start to become a bit more present to the time that we have and how we want to fill that time. Perhaps this is what happens when Friday’s roll around. We look back and see how we’ve made it through the week. We start to think about the time we have and how we want to use it over the weekend. When Friday is here we start to engage our hearts and feel a bit more. We notice things that were always there but we experience them differently.

On Fridays, we look forward to the day and the next two days ahead. We let our hair down and have a little fun. We make time for play and indulge in our desires. Our attitudes are different; we slow down and become a bit more present. Work becomes play and the stress subsides even if for a moment. We are more conscious of how we spend our time mindfully choosing the things we want to do. We don’t want to squander our weekends! Imagine that every day felt like Friday. Imagine we get to live every moment as if it were Friday. With eagerness and excitement. With work that felt like play. Spending time with people you love and doing things you enjoy. Imagine if you woke up every day feeling excited about the day ahead. Like this little guy?

It’s Friday ladies  & gentlemen. Make it a good day today and every day.

Happy Friday!