The thing you must do to refuel your career

I now declare Monday’s as my artist date days. A day where I can take a break from the routine and refuel through visits to the museum, walks on the beach, waltzing through an art store, or spending time in a bookstore. Yesterday, I had a canceled appointment so there was unexpected block of time in my day that opened up. I could do one of two things at the point: whip out the to-do list and get to work or spend the time doing one of my most cherished things, musing through a bookstore. I decided the to-do list would have to wait.

For just an hour, I walked through rows and rows of books taking in the sights and sounds of pages turning and halls stacked to the ceiling full of books. I ran my hands across book covers and flipped through a few pages of poems, essays, and stories and let the words from the page ooze into my soul. I felt a rush of energy and a sublime feeling of presence. Sounds orgasmic doesn’t it? Oh yes it was, to my soul.

Sometimes we need days just for us, days where we can forget about our to-do lists and refuel with activities that bring us joy, clarity, connection. Oftentimes in our career, and I can be guilty of this too, we don’t prioritize creative playtime. Carving out time that is just for ourselves that send us into our creative zones and replenish our energy. We can get so caught up in the day-to-day answering emails, applying for jobs, watching the clock, going from meeting to meeting, sitting in front of the computer. These activities can be draining just by nature of them requiring so much of our efforts mentally, emotionally, and physically. If we are spending so much of our time giving away our energy, when do we actually refuel? For most of us, we don’t. If we believe that there is no immediate and obvious payoff for spending time sketching a design, writing a poem, strumming a guitar, or running our fingers through material in a fabric store, we are less likely to do it. What happens in the meantime is that we become emptied out by the demands of our lives, which becomes dangerous if we don’t balance it out with something that can fill us up.

If you’re looking for fulfillment and a sense of purpose in your career, you must do the things that fuel you and hold meaning for you. [Tweet that]

Our sense of meaning and fulfillment is not something we want just from our career but from our lives as a whole. When we take time for ourselves and indulge in activities that fuel us, we enter into a state of flow and effortless being, two of the most crucial elements to doing purpose-driven work. We become more in tune with our bodies, get to understand ourselves better, and connect with our brilliance in ways that we wouldn’t otherwise.

So I ask you, when was the last time you spent an hour or even 30 minutes on a date with yourself indulging in your favorite creative pastime? What would you do? Where would you go? And most importantly, when can you start?!

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