The greatest thing photography taught me about my life & career (and how you can learn it too!)

I believe in the power of perspective. It is the filter through which we see ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Our perspectives say a lot about us; how we respond to change, how we solve problems, and the role we play in our careers and in our lives as a whole.

In photography, when capturing an image, if we don’t like what we see and it’s not within our control to change it, we adjust and change our perspective. We do this by either changing the lens, changing our angle, or simply changing how we interpret the image. When we do this, we discover something new that we otherwise would not have seen. Just like the art of photography, we can all learn to see life through a new lens.  This has by far been greatest lesson I’ve learned in my own journey of living my own truth in my life and career.

What would be possible if you saw your life and career through a new lens? 

What would you do if you saw yourself as fearless? Perhaps you’d do your own TEDx talk. Maybe you’d invite your favorite business mentor out to coffee and tell her that you’d like to work with her. How about if you woke up feeling optimistic? Feeling that no matter what is going on at work or in your business, you were 100% optimistic that it would all work out. What about feeling decisive? That you were ready to get off the fence and take action on that decision you’ve been wavering about for months. What about waking up assertive and today you finally asked for what you want?  Maybe you’d pick up the phone and ask for the sale or stand firm in your prices.

What could change if you chose to see your life and career through a new lens? What if instead of passively going with the flow, you went about your days with purpose and intention?

Here’s what would happen:  opportunities that we didn’t see before would present themselves. Problems would no longer disempower us. We’d no longer be tied down by our own life circumstances. We’d learn to let go and make room for the new. We would see ourselves in a powerful light. People around us would notice the positive change and respond to us differently. And my favorite -- we would start noticing the synchronicities as the Universe’s way of reaffirming that we’re on the right track.

All this from just a shift in your attitude.

For the month of October we’re experimenting with the power of perspective.

30 Days – 30 Perspectives – 30 New Outcomes. New Lens; an experiment on the power of perspectives in Work & Life starts on October 1st.

Every day you will receive one word from me in your inbox. Your job is to FULLY live out that word for the day and see your world through the eyes of that word.  You’ll become aware of any changes to your mood, your actions, and coincidences that may occur. You will have a chance to track yourself through journal prompts also included with your word for the day. 

My only ask is that you come into this experiment with an open mind: be open to the possibility that shifting your perspective with intention may transform you in a profound way.

You game? Sign up here:

“See” you on the 1st!

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