What Time Taught Me About Business

Last week we wrapped up the summer season and either you have found yourself back to school or back to work hopefully recharged and replenished. This time of year always draws me into contemplation and reflection on where I’ve been and where I’m going. It plays out in my mind almost like a movie as I bring to mind the  highlights of my year, the choices I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had, the lesson’s I’ve learned and still continue to learn. My greatest teacher this year has been time.

In business and at work, when time causes us to slow down, this can be extremely unsettling. We believe that we must always use our time staying busy and always working. So when I experienced a slow down in my business, I panicked. I thought I was doing something wrong, that there was something I haven’t figured out yet so I rushed to figure out what it was. Maybe I doing wasn’t tweeting enough, maybe I wasn’t promoting my business enough, maybe I wasn’t doing enough. But deep down, I knew that wasn’t it. I realized that the flow of the Universe was showing me what I needed to see and taking me in a new direction I needed to go. All I needed to do was stop resisting and slow down long enough to see what emerged as the natural next step for me. Once I realized this, I surrendered and allowed the answers to be revealed and what happened next was magical. New insights became clear, new business opportunities presented themselves, I took on new projects, and revisited some of my old passions. What opened up for me as a result of slowing down and reflecting couldn’t have if I resisted and kept on the pace I was going.

Time can take you in new direction at every turn. One moment, things are moving fast and you become consumed with busyness. And in another moment, things begin to slow down and you have more time to contemplate what’s next for you. In my case, the Universe gave me the gift of time to slow down. But in most cases, we won’t always have the time we need for ourselves, so we must proactively take it.  

How you use the time you are given is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. [Tweet that]

Let time be your teacher. How have you used your time over the course of the year in your career or business? What can time be telling you about what’s next in your path?

Share your comments with me below!

With love, 


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