The thing about going for your dreams

I am in the business of building dreams.

When I am asked the infamous question: “So, what do you do?”, I answer: I help women follow their dreams. I am usually met with two expressions in response to my answer. They either tilt their head to the side in pseudo-adoration and smile as if to say “Oh, that’s sweet. Bless your heart” Or they look at me quizzically as if the word ‘dream’ has been vacant from their vocabulary for a long time. Either way, it’s an invitation to meaningful discussion.

For many of us, the word ‘dreams’ invokes a sense of imagination, fantasy, playfulness, and illusion. They can also feel childlike, illogical, unrealistic, or too good to be true. And for those that learn what I do for a living with clients, it would make sense that the cynics of the world would respond, “ You do that dream thing and I’ll be over here in the real world where we have j-o-b’s.”

I knew that when I chose this profession four years ago, I would be met with skepticism, resistance, and an occasional side-eye. But what I’ve learned over the years through my own dreaming and from the clients I have served, is that our dreams always, always come from a real place. They represent a vision for how we truly want to live our lives.

Here’s the new truth about dreams. Our dreams are no longer flights of fantasy, they are a call to action. (tweet this)

Your dreams represent an invitation; a starting point to create change and to awaken to something new. To realize a new reality that does not yet exist.

Our dreams can take many forms; a project, an idea, a solution to a problem; they are an impetus for change.

Our dreams require something of us that usually we don’t believe we yet possess. That is why we most often brush off our dreams or believe they are impossible because we don’t yet have the tools or the know-how to begin. But that is what's so special about dreaming. They call us into becoming a new version of ourselves that we are not yet acquainted with so in a sense we re-learn who we really are.

I’ve learned over the years that yes, sometimes dreams don’t always come true, at least not in the way you expect them to. However, maybe ours dream are not so much about acquiring or achieving the thing we say we want, but to become the person we know we can be. (tweet this). Maybe deep down we know what we are truly capable of even though we convince ourselves otherwise.

So here is your assignment, grab the nearest sheet of paper and write out your top 5 dreams that you want to see come true in the next 6 months. Think back to the ideas that excite you, projects you wanted to start, and career paths you always wanted to explore. List out your responses, unfiltered. The more unrealistic it sounds the better. When they feel too impossible it’s a good sign that your mind is trying to rein you back into your comfort zone.

All you have to do for now is write your dream list. That’s it. You don’t need to quit your job, book a flight, or drop everything to start on your list. The hard part is already done. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a week, a month, or maybe 6 months from now revisiting your list and reflecting back that 1 or 2 things on your list have actually happened.

But for now, don’t stop dreaming. Please?

With love,


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