The #1 Killer of Our Dreams

Over the years, a few things kept resurfacing from the women I coached with. Women who came to me knowing they were meant to do something more in their careers and who stepped up to lead their lives with intention and purpose. They had so many creative ideas, the talents and smarts to pull it off, and the resources to make it happen. Yet something kept getting in the way.


Fear is a trap and is the #1 killer of all dreams. No matter how many goals, dreams, hopes, strategies, and plans you have, none of it will matter if your fears keep getting in the way.

Fear will stop you in your tracks. It will tell you you're not ready. That other things are more important than what you want. It will convince you that your ideas are silly and your opinion doesn't count. Fear will tell you to hit the snooze button a few more times and not go for that morning run. It is also great at reminding you of your mistakes, failures, and cause you to judge yourself harshly.

Fear wreaks havoc in our lives and it's not slowing down any time soon.

Time to take your power back.

Drawing on my own personal lessons on fear and the stories from many of my clients, I created a new 6-week program called ‘Breaking Through the Inner Barriers’. I believe this work is critical to achieving the kind of meaningful and fulfilling work many of us are working towards.

Breaking Through the Inner Barriers is a program specifically for women who are going through a particular pain or challenge being caused by a certain situation in their lives i.e. career, relationship, work, etc.

A sample of what we would explore through the program are:

  • Belief system; your beliefs are what drives you. We create habits and act on what we believe is true so naturally the first place we’d want to start is knowing what we believe to find out what beliefs are fueling your fears.
  • Self-Talk; if we stopped to really pay attention to how we talk to ourselves majority of the time, we’d find that 90% of our self-talk is negative or damaging to our confidence. Interrupting this pattern is key to loosening the grip of fear.
  • Fear's perfect hiding places; Perfectionism, being a control-freak, self-judgment, comparison of self, seeking external validation, the need to prove yourself, people pleasing, putting yourself out there etc.
  • Revisiting the past; confronting old hurts and open wounds that are still weighing you down so you can close the chapter on them for good.
  • Distinguishing between the voice of fear and your inner guide; I’ll teach you pivotal moments in my life where I recognized my inner truth for the first time and how you can recognize and use yours.
  • Confidence & Inner Power; where does the source of your confidence and power come from? Knowing this for yourself is a must. You’ll learn tools and simple shifts you can make to practice confidence in real time.

I’ve packed in many tools, journaling, creative exercises, and a library of resources for this work on our fears, which you can have access to.

But let me say in all honesty, this program is not for dabblers.

Most areas of our work together may get really uncomfortable and sometimes even dark. But I am a big believer that you cannot experience true joy, light, and happiness without first experiencing the dark. What I know for sure from my own experiences is that the fears and challenges that constrict us are the most powerful gifts that help take us further in life. If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves on this, then this program may not be the best thing for you.

How it works:

The program runs for 6 to 8 weeks (considering the holidays) and includes: Weekly 90-minute private coaching session, audio recordings of each session, summary debrief of each session (inc. highlights, themes, and personal progress reports).

I’m offering the program for an introductory price of $697 which you could either pay in full and get a 10% discount or split into 3 payments of $232.

My goal is to teach you everything I know about this work around fears. While I won’t guarantee that after 6-weeks, you will be will totally fearless. I don’t believe there is such a thing. However, I do believe that taking back your power can be learned and debilitating fears can be conquered once and for all.

If you’re ready to go, click over to my online scheduler to reserve your first session! 

See you on the other side.