A Call With Me: 10 Truths to Unlocking Your Career Purpose

If you were to look at the path my career took to get to this point as if it were a trail on a roadmap, it would be filled with bumps, spikes, dips, stark left turns and reroutes.

There is no possible way when starting out, I could have predicted the course I would ultimately take. Of course in the beginning what I wanted out of my career looked very much like a straight path but the Universe had other plans for me.

There will be a point in our career that we all come to. The proverbial career crossroads where we will need to decide to either keep doing what we’ve always done or reach for something better. On one side, you will have comfort, security, and the predictability of doing what you’ve always done.  And on the other side, you will have the unknown, uncertainty, nervous-excitement, your imagination, your dreams, your passions, and an insatiable desire to explore what this path may hold for you.

This cross-section of our careers is a very uncomfortable place to be, yet so is following your truth.

From my own path of exploring my own career purpose, I have found that the journey to doing work you love, starts with the first truth, the decision to:  Say Yes to Yourself.

Saying yes to yourself is the birthplace of courage, commitment, and honoring the path that will shift and shape you in many ways.

Now more than ever it is becoming more important to take that important step in your career and do work that holds weight for you.

This Thursday, February 12th I will be hosting a call that explores this conversation and my favorite ideas on connecting with your career purpose. I will be sharing the 10 Truths to unlocking your sense of purpose in your career including the inner blocks that get in the way and simple, yet powerful practices to overcome them.

It’s free, and you can attend live or listen to the recording. I hope you’ll join us for a rich conversation! Sign up here.