How writing helped me find my calling

I don’t talk much about it but writing is and has always been a big part of my life. From a little kid scribbling words on pieces of paper, getting an A+ for best short essay in elementary school, to now most recently having my piece published in Writing for me is a very subtle yet powerful practice of mine that has oftentimes led me to my biggest breakthroughs in life and work.

I started a regular writing practice a year before leaving my last corporate job in 2009. Every morning I’d write 3 pages of my random thoughts and feelings that at first felt stumbly and pointless but I stuck with it. Some days it would seem as if I had nothing to say and other times the words would just pour out with things I just needed to get off my chest. During that time, I was very unhappy in my job and wasn’t quite sure of the work I had chosen and the career path I was on. For most of that year, my journal entries were very negative and complain-y as all I seemed to write about was how much I hated my job. Writing my thoughts down every day gave me a space to put the frustration and grief. Journaling every day soon became something I looked forward to just for the chance to let out all that I was feeling. Coming to the page became soothing and sort of a release for me.

Overtime, the words I wrote became less negative because a new writing voice started to emerge; a voice that seemed to flow through me and onto the page. I found that a lighter, more gentler tone came through my words which was odd at first because I was so used to writing complaints and being fussy. I witnessed something new through my words that seemed to organically evolve on it’s own. This new writing voice led me to realize what I truly wanted at the time which was to experience newfound freedom in my career. It gave me the space to find connection to new thoughts and ideas that would ultimately lead me to tap into my deepest callings.

Journaling became my problem solver, my clarity finder, and creative outlet instead of just a place to dump my complaints. I started to rely on my writing as my way of processing things and finding clarity through the muckety muck of my thoughts. I believe that what I experienced through my writing over the years was a process of inner discovery that gave rise to a divine intuitive voice that now guides me on the page. On my worst days and through my biggest decisions, writing invariably brings me to a place of understanding, peace, and clarity on what to do next. My writing voice never lies.

I want to help you discover your writing voice. That intuitive, wise feminine voice within that knows the answers and wants to guide you to it.

I am excited to announce that I am hosting a brunch-style writing workshop this Spring for us ladies to gather round in a comforting space and learn the beautiful art of writing from the soul. The workshop will be ½ day and will include discussion, storytelling, sharing and of course writing. I am keeping the group small to about 12 women so that it is personalized and intimate. Light food and drinks (Mimosa’s!) will be served. The workshop will be held on 2 dates so you can come on the best day that works for you.

Click to see details and learn more about the Words of Wisdom workshop. If you'd like to join, sign up here!

I hope to see you there!