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Portraits that capture your true brand essence

You’ve got big dreams. You are doing meaningful work and making an impact in the world doing work that you love. So when it comes to being the face behind your brand, your photo is the key piece that can create a genuine, authentic connect between you and your audience.

Your photo represents who you are and how you want to be seen by clients. It should include your tone, personality, creativity, energy, and confidence so that your prospects can identify with you and your work. In just 3 seconds of looking at your photo, you can build trust and likeability that ultimately determines if a prospect wants to get to know you or do business with you. Unfortunately, shabby homemade photographs are ignored. This is the power of a photograph - YOUR photograph.

Your photograph must convey these 3 essentials:

Personality – Authenticity - Energy - Professionalism

See what Solopreneur, Shira of Spectrum Consulting had to say:When I saw my new photos, I thought Bringo. This is who I am and how I want to be seen by clients: warm, smiling, highly professional, with a good sense of style. I have a new sense of confidence introducing my work to others.”

Starting in May, I have 8 slots available for a unique photo experience. A personalized 2-hour, 1-on-1 session with me for to uncover your unique brand of work followed by a headshot photo session to capture your distinct style. All for $497.

During your session we will explore your work…approach…style…communication…and what is important to you.

As a career coach & passionate portrait photographer, I have worked with hundred of individuals to discover and define WHO they are and authentically portray it to the world. I do this by drawing out your natural personality and capturing what I see in a fun, inspiring way. Every one of my clients have walked away from their sessions feeling a charge of positive energy and the clarity to powerfully create their brand image.

Need a little inspiration? Take a Look here, here, and here to see how my past clients have built their online brands.

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