You're Pretty Hard On Yourself, Aren't You?

I know your type.

Some would call you a go-getter. Head down, do your work kind of girl.

You work hard at everything you do. You strive for excellence and always deliver. If things don’t work out, you judge yourself the hardest.

You lie awake at night recounting all of the things you haven’t done, instead of celebrating how far you’ve come.

You’re quick to give credit to others but find it hard to acknowledge your own success.

Rewarding yourself is a foreign idea to you.

Even when you’ve hit the mark and completed a huge win, it’s onto the next thing without truly acknowledging the ass you just kicked.

You gloss over your talents, your superpowers, the things that you do so well and say “ah, it was nothing.”

You’re a perfectionist.

You’ve set the bar so high for yourself that no matter how hard you try to reach it, you always come up short.

It’s never enough.

You’re never enough.

You’ve gotten this far being so hard on yourself. But you’re exhausted, aren’t you?

What would happen if you slowed down?

What if you didn’t have to be so hard on yourself?

What if you didn’t have to try so hard because life is not an exam that you either pass/fail?

What if you didn’t have to get it all done perfectly?

What if I said you get to be imperfect and you don’t have to blame yourself for it?

What if I told you, you’re doing the best you can and that is enough?

What if I told you, you are enough.

The tension in your body would soften.

The furrow in your brow would disappear.

You would hurt less.

The pain would ease.

Your days wouldn’t feel like a race to the finish line.

Your career would go further than you ever imagined.

Joy and fulfillment would come much easier.

We know that you won’t settle for less. And for that, you should never change. You won’t tolerate bullshit, even if you call it on yourself.

No one is telling you not to challenge yourself and to aspire to higher heights. But we’re asking that you not beat yourself up with guilt, blame, and self-criticism along the way.

We have enough haters in the world that will always judge you, no matter what. Don’t turn on yourself too.

So go a little easier on yourself, ok?

With love,