Top 6 Blog Posts of 2013

Whether you're a long time reader or just discovering my work for the first time today, I want to thank you for stopping by today. I've been journaling since 2009 and most of my writing on here has been a manifestation of my purest thoughts in written form.

Take a moment to peruse through some of my favorite posts of the year so far.

#6 Flowing Through Struggle – June 25, 2013

Although struggle is a part of our daily human existence when does it become something we come to identify ourselves with in our daily lives? Here is my recount of what happens when we experience ‘struggle’ and how to break out of it and into a more peaceful rhythmic flow. 'Flowing Through Struggle'. Read on.

#5 3 Ways To Meditate (or commit to any practice) Daily – May 27, 2013

From the days of starting and stopping a meditation practice without really getting into the flow of it, I finally discovered a way that has brought me to the cushion every single day. When what we value aligns with inspiration there’s nothing that can stop us. '3 Ways To Meditate'. Read on.

#4 To See Us Dance – February 6, 2013

Following an internal nudge I had received that led me to take up dance classes, I decided to post a video of my learnings. So much of what we do comes from an internal desire to move and be in flow. Dance brought me closer to movement through mind, body, and soul. I highly recommend if you have the desire to move your soul, follow it. 'To See Us Dance'. Read on.

#3 5 Lessons For Your Spititual Path – May 1, 2013

At some point in our lives we find ourselves on a spiritual path. Whether we know it or not, we’re always on the path. And when we become aware of this we hold ourselves to a higher standard as we learn to let go of the trivial things and embrace a new understanding of life itself. This post points to some of the challenges we encounter while on the path and the 5 lessons that will keep you grounded. '5 Lessons For Your Spiritual Path'. Read on.

#2 Love Is – February 22nd, 2013

During an early morning rendezvous with my journal, I found myself feeling particularly connected with this idea of Love. To define it from words does it no justice. It is a sensation truly meant for connectedness between each other. 'Love Is'. Read on.

#1 A Letter To You, From Change – January 30, 2013

In creating this post I knew I wanted to write about ‘change’ but what else could we possibly say about change that hasn’t been said before? If we look at change from a different perspective, instead of experiencing it with anxiety and nervousness, we learn to look at from a softer view. Read on for a thoughtful letter from an inevitable part of our lives that only wants the best for us. This is 'A Letter To You, From Change'. Read on.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing with you in this space for the remainder of 2013.



Ariane Hunter

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3 Ways To Meditate (or commit to any practice) Daily

22 days ago, I sat down on a cushion in front of my alter space at home, closed my eyes for 10 minutes, and meditated.  I have done this every single day since then. Meditation has become part of my morning practice that is now as routine as brushing my teeth.  I feel pretty kick-ass about what I’ve accomplished in the last 22 days but what was bugging me was, how did I actually do it. I can honestly say that at the start, I did not set a goal of meditating for the next 22 days; actually I hardly gave it much thought. So after weeks of meditation, when it finally dawned on me that I had created a regular practice, I wanted to explore what helped make it such a success. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Commit To The Moment

As I mentioned, when I started out, I did not set a future goal of meditating daily but rather I made a choice each day to sit down at the cushion. Once I gave my mind the instruction, the rest of my body went into action. Sometimes making a future goal to do something everyday for a specified amount of time can put you in your head too much. If you’re a thinker like me, you’re more likely to begin strategizing and planning on how you’re going to succeed at the goal before you've even begun. Doing this can be a bit overwhelming and stressful because you’re so worried about the ‘how’ that you lose track of the ‘what’. If you use the present moment to make a choice and take action without thinking about the next day and the day after that, you realize that the present moment is all you really need to get it done.

2. Know Your ‘Why’

Why would I spend 5, 7, or even 10 minutes meditating every day? I could use that time for something else couldn’t I? I have found myself spending the same amount of time on Facebook or watching television but what I get from those experiences aren't as fulfilling to me as time spent clearing my mind and replenishing myself. Life is about experiences and how we spend them. That’s why spending quality time with good friends and family or going out for quiet walks in nature leave us feeling fueled and revitalized. The experience nourishes our soul on a deeper level. Ultimately dedicating yourself to something that has purpose and significance to you will motivate and keep you on track.

3. Enjoy the Process

Coming to my meditation cushion every day was a challenge but was also very fun. I learned that meditating in peace isn’t always the experience you’ll have. I can illustrate that with a quick story. One morning as I sat down to meditate, a construction worker decided to clang his equipment right outside my window. Naturally, it was distracting and made me want to end my practice short.  I got up in a huff frustrated at being inconvenienced by all the noise. Then I thought to myself, wait a second, isn’t this why I am meditating? To be at peace even amidst the chaos? I smiled to myself, let out a laugh and sat back down to continue my meditation. The construction worker soon finished what he was doing and all was quiet again. If I had allowed myself to get angry and end my practice short, that probably would’ve set the tone for the rest of my day and I would miss out on the lesson of reminding myself not to take things so seriously.

I tell that story to remind us to learn to use every inconvenience or set back as an opportunity to laugh at ourselves, stay playful at heart, and find joy in the process.

So remember, Commit to the Moment, Know Your ‘Why’, and Enjoy The Process.  These are my keys to sustaining a great meditation practice.

5 Lessons For Your Spiritual Path

Like many of you, I’ve gone down a path of spiritual and personal growth. I still walk it today. It is probably the most revealing, life empowering journey you’ll ever have to take.  That path started for me when I came to a crossroads in my personal life and career that left me with more questions than answers, the journey of self-awareness and exploring my spirituality was started.

I got involved in yoga, meditation, and writing all of which helped me to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. I read a ton of books on the subject and exposed myself to new ideas and expanded realms of thought. I welcomed in a new framework of how the world works and how my existence contributed to it. I learned about this thing called fear and how it can sneakily attached itself to our own sense of identity. I also learned about love and light and what it means to aspire to live by this daily. I also learned about peace and what true happiness feels like; I mean down to the core happiness that comes from within and not from any large sum of money. When it comes to confidence, security, passion, joy, abundance, endurance, enthusiasm; they are very much available to you in the present moment and they all come from you. Very similarly, fear, insecurity, doubt, lethargy, victimization, guilt, worry, disappointment, regret are also very available to you in the present moment. Unfortunately for most of us, our tendency by default is to fall victim to the latter feelings so much so that they cloud our ability to see the situation and ourselves clearly. 

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Street Portrait Challenge | NYC Workshop on Fears & Personal Power

If you have a camera, you have a tool that will not only transform you, but the people around you. It’s  mostly the reason why we are drawn to photography in the first place.

Join me on Saturday, February 16th @ 2pm for another Street Portrait Challenge; workshop style. We will come together to explore our fears and our personal power all while using photography.

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Street Portraits - NYC

Ohh boy, I can't believe what I'm about to write in this post but I'd really love to share this experience with you all.  Last Sunday, I did a personal project that I knew would test my ability to overcome my fears.  I set out to do street photography; taking photos of total strangers!!  Talk about nerve wracking!  The butterflies were churning my stomach to no end but I refused to let my fears take over.  I went to Union Square, New York City to do the street portraits and what a diverse group of people I met.  Starting out, I was so afraid of what would happen but I pushed on.  As I took photos and walked among the people, this is going to sound crazy, but it's almost like I felt I was being guided.  With every step I took to every person I approached, it all felt right and came together. The video only shows 4 people but I out of about 11 people that I approached that day, 8 actually agreed to let me take their portraits.  Not bad, huh? More than I ever thought!  At the end of the video you can scroll down to see the photos of all the awesome strangers that helped me out that day :). Sunday, December 6th was the day that changed me.  The day I put myself out there, faced my fears, and accomplished something great.  The experience was a learning lesson for me.  Not just on how to take a good photo, but to prove to myself that I was capable of something I thought was impossible.  At the end of the day, I went to bed feeling excited and so proud of myself; I felt like I can take on the world.  Sky is the limit. Please share in my experience that day; the video tells it all!  I'm scared to death to even post this on here but what the heck! We're all human right?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Thank you! ARI_2815 ARI_2817 ARI_2822 ARI_2820 ARI_2824a ARI_2825 ARI_2829 ARI_2831
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Coming Together Despite Our Differences

I'm constantly inspired by people, places, and things I see; sometimes unexpectedly. You never know what you may come across on the streets in Manhattan.  I was taken by surprise when I came upon this scene last Wednesday evening at Beth Israel Hospital. ARI_1484a People gathered together with solemn looks on their faces but hope and strength shown brightly in their eyes.  At the time I wasn't aware of what was going on or why these people were all gathered by candle light.  I later found that a patient at Beth Israel, Mario Vera,was the victim of a hate crime and residents from his neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn gathered together out of concern and to raise awareness of hate crimes in that area.  Mario was viciously attacked by thugs who yelled racial slurs as they beat him on the street.  Now he has no recollection of who he is and does not recognize his own family. This story truly saddens me but it was really touching to see how people will come together at the face of adversity and be strong for one another.  Unless we can all appreciate and have respect for each others differences, these type of crimes will continue to happen.  To read more about this story CLICK HERE .
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