Wedding Cakes at Bruno's Bakery

So I've been dreaming about this cake since Annie & Hoyu's wedding earlier this month; it was simply delicious!  This three tiered mango mousse heavenly dessert was calling my name the moment I walked into the reception hall.  I've seen a lot of wedding cakes in my day but this one in particular was particularly attractive.  First of all, being that one of my favorite colors is purple, this cake was an automatic plus!  It was so beautifully designed with intricate detailing of the flowers that decorated the top.  Look closely to see the buds of each flower petal in all it's sweet tasty goodness.   Amazing! Annie was kind of enough to share with me the bakery that created this awesome cake for her wedding day.  Pasticceria Bruno aka Bruno's Bakery which is located in the West Village in NYC.  They not only specialize in wedding cakes but they do all sorts of desserts and pastries ranging from fruit spreads, cookies, and tarts.  You can go to one of their many locations to dine in for coffee and dessert.  Annnd here's the kicker!  They actually give recreational baking classes on Sunday mornings.  Learn how to make your own sugar cookie at home; sweet! So, if you're in the market for a wedding cake or just need a sugar rush, I highly recommend Bruno's Bakery.  Next time you're in the area, stop by :). Happy Wednesday! See Beauty... Ariane
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