Art Is A Drug

The word art brings to mind a couple of things whenever I hear the word.  It was the crayon drawing I made for my parents of a house, blue sky, and a smiling sun overhead when I was six.  It was the class I took in high school where I learned how to use water colors.  Back then there was such an elusive connotation of what art truly represented. Today, I understand that the word “art” holds a loose definition because it is such a personal form of expression.  

Yesterday evening I went to an open gallery at the Art Student League in Manhattan.  A friend of mine, is taking classes there and the students were having an exhibit to display their work.  The room was filled with people that had different personalities and perspectives.  But the one thing they had in common was their love for art. 

I walked the room admiring all of the portrait paintings.  The expressions of the people in the paintings were so very alluring as well the choice of colors used.  Looking closer I could see that the painter had their models sitting in different poses, not necessarily for aesthetic reasons but for a different perspective.  I put myself in the shoes of the artist with every painting I saw to understand where they were coming from.  This is when it occurred to me that art is a drug.

Art liberates you in the same way a drug does because there are no boundaries, no right or wrong, no yes or no.  It’s a feeling you want to have all of the time because it feeds your soul; it just feels right.  Letting your artistic self takes you to places you’ve never been before; not so much physically but mentally. Art brings you closer to your core and for some of us this a place we hardly know because the outside world commands so much of our attention.  But when you lose yourself in your art, it entrenches you in a zone to reach new heights.  You begin to feel things that are new but comforting. 

What a revelation to have at that moment during the art exhibit; I completely lost myself in that thought.  Art is a drug.  When I asked my friend what’s next for him and his paintings, he said simply, he wants to just keep on going.

See Beauty…


PS If you want to check out this exhibit at the Art Student League, the last day is tomorrow Saturday, April 30th. 

Write It Out

I used to write at a young age.  In junior high, I dominated my English classes with short stories of fiction and my vivid imagination.  I never thought much of it as I got older.   I also wrote a little poetry.  But I never looked at my writings as me expressing myself creatively, it was just something I did in my spare time.  I couldn’t really say that I knew who I was back then.  I just kind of went with the flow and reacted to my environment. Once I became fascinated with photography, it opened up a new world for me. I was developing my own form of expression and pictures helped me to relate to the world around me.  Pictures became my words and there was so much I wanted to say.   It felt like I was meeting myself for the first time and I would get to know who I truly was inside.  I could actually call myself an artist.  Granted I am still learning what it means to be an artist but the journey to becoming one has shown me a few things. Being an artist is a deeply personal thing.  Everything that dwells within you is important and somehow manifests itself in your artwork.  In the world and business of photography as I’m sure is the same in other fields, is the freedom to be unique through your creativity.  In expressing yourself creatively, it is so important to know who you are inside.  Not only just your personality but also the factors that guide your choices and feelings.  It can be your thoughts, your perceptions, your actions, likes, dislikes, your history, your future.  Anything that evokes emotion whether it’s good or bad can show you things about yourself that you never knew existed.  This in turn comes out in your work and expressions as an artist. In my journey of self-discovery, I realized there is so much more that evokes emotion for me.  Photography will always be my passion and my life teacher. The things I’ve learned on my path as a photographer has shown me how beautiful life can be and the endless possibilities if you’re willing to follow your dreams.  The experiences I’ve had are priceless and have opened me up to other aspects of life that I’d like to explore.  It is for this reason, I’ve decided to start writing more this year.  My new mini-blog on Tumblr called Dreamscape Reality will be to connect with others by sharing my personal experiences on things I’ve learned and to spread motivation and inspiration through quotes, stories, and whatever else comes to mind.  It is still very new and I only have a few posts written but I look forward to writing more and connecting with you.  I invite you to stop by and share your thoughts with me. Happy Wednesday! See Beauty... Ariane
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Guitars & Sunshine

I walked into the room of her sunny apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn and was instantly delighted at the piercing sunlight coming through the windows.  I thought, "perfect, this is exactly where we're going to shoot".  So she sat on the brown hardwood floors in the middle of her room, picked up her guitar and began to play... She smiled and  laughed while strumming the guitar; her energy was so infectious.  I watched and snapped away as the sun lit up the room and glimmered through her curly hair. Meet Tammie. I admire her passion and dedication to music; whether it's in the form of singing or playing an instrument.  There's much more to come on my session with Tammie where you can hear her story in her own words.  Stay tuned...
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