Opera & The City | NYC Lifestyle Portraits

I swear sometimes it feels like the universe is uniting me with some pretty amazing people.  People who are deeply passionate about their craft and have a love affair with living life! I had the awesome pleasure of working with Ernest recently for a lifestyle portrait shoot.  His energy, positivity, creativity, and talent was so very inspiring. 

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On The Scene | New York City Headshots

What you see here is a handsome fellow who knows how to schmooze my camera.  What you also see here, is someone who is quite passionate about his work as an actor and is following that passion as far as it will take him. Meet Brendan everyone. 

I had the awesome pleasure of working with him just recently to do his portfolio shots.  During the shoot, I got to know a little bit more about Brendan and what motivates him as an actor.  It was so wonderful to hear him speak of his craft.

On the day of his shoot, a windy yet sunny afternoon, here is what we came up with!



Thanks Brendan for sharing your passion for acting with me.  I wish you nothing but the best in your journey!


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Singer/Songwriter, Andy Monroe | NYC Lifestyle Portraits

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just instantly click?  Yep, that’s how it happened when I met Andy.  Meet Andy Monroe everyone.  Andy is a singer and songwriter based in NYC with an amazing voice and a great attitude.  He set up a lifestyle photo session with me in preparation for his newest album coming out this Fall! 

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See Beauty...; Friday's | Ready To Unfold | Personal Reflections

I remember the day when my mom and I were at the Chinese food buffet restaurant off 347 highway in Long Island.  That was the day I finally told her that I had plans of finding my own apartment and would be moving out on my own for the first time.
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Nandi, The Woman Who Glows In The Dark | Lifestyle Portraits | Forest Park, NYC

Nandi was born in the beautiful country of Nicaragua; she embodies the soulful spirit of a dancer and painter.

We sat down over coffee a month before her shoot and it was at that time I learned how inspiring Nandi truly is. I was fascinated to know more about her as a performer and an artist.  Nandi’s work as a painter and dancer comes from a very special place from deep within. I learned that when she dances, it is to awaken the spirit inside through vibrational movements that translate to the outside world.  As a performer, she relates uniquely to each and everything in her environment because we are all interconnected in some form.  

I wanted to capture her in a way that best represented her passion and artistry.  When I see Nandi, I see a dramatic force within her with a hint of softness that comes through vividly in her dance and paintings.  She dances like she paints; fluidly, free form, and with an open heart.



At the end of this shoot we both walked away feeling as though magic was created.  Nandi revealed her soul and passion to me during this shoot through her dance movements and awe-inspiring paintings which were filled with color and feeling.  Thank you Nandi for letting me see your beauty.  

I encourage you to check out more of her work on her website and be inspired.  To see more of Nandi's photo shoot, please feel free to visit the gallery.

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