Happiness comes in photos

Goodness I couldn't wait to do this post guys!  I'm so excited to write about my Help-Portrait experience last weekend.  First off, let me explain to everyone what exactly Help-Portrait is defined as "A MOVEMENT OF PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO ARE USING THEIR TIME, EQUIPMENTAND EXPERTISE TO GIVE BACKTO THOSE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE".  It was started by celebrity photographer, Jeffrey Cowart, as an idea to gather photographers from all around the world to give a photo rather than take it. The event took place  at Betel of America in Astoria, Queens from 7am in the morning right through to 830 at night.  So many families, so many children, happy faces, smiles, tears, laughter, and most of all cherished memories that took place that day.  This was an experience I will never forget.  I know it sounds cliche but meeting so many people who were less fortunate and who had been through so much in their life really makes you stop and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.  We helped so many people at Help-Portrait that day.  No matter if it was a family of 13 or a single mother taking portraits to send to her son in Iraq, everyone experienced a blessing that day.  The wonderful photographers behind the camera as well as the beautiful people who posed for us and let us capture their precious memories.  Photos have so much power to make a person feel beautiful inside and out. In order to protect the privacy of those families who came out to have their pictures taken, I cannot posts photos of the individuals from that day.  However, I wanted to leave you with this one photo of a 80 year old lady from Puerto Rico who is very strong, believes in living her life to the fullest, and being happy.  She came to Help-Portrait dressed in her very best.  Her poise and elegance is what I remember most about her. ARI_3188
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