I See You

This amazing couple, Mark & Annisha, granted me the wonderful opportunity to work with them on a fun shoot in Grand Central, New York City.  Now as you can imagine, Grand Central is a place where commuters are constantly whizzing by, there are wall to wall postings of train schedules, and the all around hustle and bustle is enough to make you dizzy. But despite these distractions, the setting absolutely fit their personality. Their classy timeless love meets the beautiful energy of Grand Central Station. Now before I proceed, I want to say that the most important look to me is the look of your soul.  What do your eyes tell me?  Are your body movements natural or controlled? I want to see your spirit.  That to me is what makes a good picture.  When you are naturally comfortable in your environment and I can see the beauty of your soul. I could detect a hint of nervousness as I began my shoot with Mark & Annisha.  With my big black camera pointed in their face and crowds of people stopping to see what the heck was going on.  But somehow, through casual conversation, lots of laughter, and a little bit of flirting, they both forgot that they were in one of the busiest places in NY and tuned into each other.  Like they were the only people in the world.  It was then that I saw the beautiful connection they shared.  I saw their spirit from within...
Photographing Mark and Annisha reminded me of how amazing it is to be able to see a person in the truest sense.   We meet hundreds of people on a regular basis, some of which are your co-workers, family, and even your best friend.  We owe it to the world and more importantly to ourselves to always be truthful to who we are  and what our heart tells us.  Some of us, myself included, get so caught up in playing a role of what we think the world wants to see. Instead, forget all the distractions and tune into yourselves.  Acknowledge your spirit and know that it's ok to let it guide you.
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