Being In Love | Real Answers

I love Valentines Day because aside from the flowers, the candy, and the “every kiss begins with Kay” commercials; it's the celebration of Love!  Valentines Day serves as a reminder to us all for the loves in our lives.   Let the sentiment of Valentines Day be with you not just today but everyday!  Love is something to be shared every day with anyone and anything that matters most to you.  It is truly such a strong emotion that once it is emitted into your world the connection you feel can be so profound.  The strongest way that love can be felt is among each other.  So for this special Valentines Day I want to reintroduce some of my past clients to you and their answers to the question:

“The Best Thing About Being In Love Is____________?”

VaNessa & Winslow, Engaged! "....always having your best friend by your side." Samontha & Terence, Married! "...when it feels like it's just you and your lover in the room, no one else exist." Annie & Hoyu, Married! She says: " bravely embrace the future of a marriage without fear, only hope." He says: " always know you have a hand to hold while walking down that icy street." Maya & Rod, Married! She says: "...talking to and spending time with your best friend every day; and them being your personal diary to share your innermost thoughts with." He says: "...unconditional friendship." Jo Elizabeth & O'Neal, Married! She says: "...feeling complete." He says: " that when you are truly in love your past is history learned, your present is a sweet sweet gift, and your future can only be great because love knows no limits." Andrea & Paul, Engaged! "...having someone there to share the joys of life with as well as lightening the burden of disappointments." "...knowing that if I gain or lose everything that person loves me for who I am unconditionally." "...supporting that loved one through the unbearable, such as chemo treatment, and still thinking I’m the luckiest man in the world." Ariane & Rob, Dating! I said: "...having someone to kill the spiders, mice, and other creepy crawler things that threaten my life.  Annnd being free to be vulnerable because you know this person will always love you regardless" He says: "...having someone that trusts you, which allows you to trust yourself." What is the best thing about being in LOVE for you?!! I want to hear from you out there :)! Happy Valentines Day to us all!  Keep love in your heart and in everything you do! See Beauty… Ariane
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