Wedding w/ The Yiu's

My good friends Annie and Hoyu recently tied the knot a few weeks ago; yay!  I was so happy for them and even happier to attend.  Noooo, I wasn't the official photographer but you would think I was with me running around the place taking a million photos of them lol.  It was just so hard to resist.  Hoyu and Annie did an amazing job with the overall look and theme of the wedding.  Vibrant colors that really complimented the season,  details that really showcased their fun personalities, and a great turnout of family and friends ready to celebrate the two love birds. Yeah...he looks ready. lol See what I was talking about with the vibrant colors; how beautiful! Annie and Hoyu just mesh so well together. One of the best wedding cakes I've had in a while.  Can we say "mango cream filling"?!! Um yeah...yuuummmy! lol I loved seeing this.  In the reception hall, they had a trail of photos tacked to the wall of Annie and Hoyu over the years dating back to when they first started out as bf and gf to now.  What a great way to really get to know a couple and see their history. Yes, Hoyu sang to Annie..."You're just too good to be true.....can't take my eyes off of you".  Look at the soul and passion in his eyes!  He's such a charmer! lol A playful game of boy chases girl... Congratulations Annie and Hoyu!  You're a beautiful couple inside and out.  Here's to great a wedding and an awesome marriage! See Beauty... Ariane **REMEMBER! FALL MINI PORTRAIT SESSIONS ARE COMING UP IN NOVEMBER.  BRING THE KIDS, DOG, OR YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE FOR A FUN PHOTO SHOOT IN THE PARK! SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS :) .
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