Creepy Crawly But Slightly Cute | Personal Reflections

Ok ok, so this post is not exactly a feature of a recent photo shoot I did or an image of something spectacular and amazing.  But it wouldn't be fair if I didn't show you the other parts of my life that get me excited. 

This time, my excitement came in the form of a creepy crawler almost somewhat cute little critter that was slithering up my walkway.  Snails always seem to fascinate me; perhaps it's their beautifully constructed little shells that they carry on their back.  We only see them once the rain stops falling and when the sun comes out they disappear just as quickly as they came.  Makes you wonder what else is around us that only appears during certain times. 

Anway, it's just a snail; I won't get too philosophical or deep about their existance.  But you gotta admit, there's something about them that's kind of cool :).

Happy Tuesday All!

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