The Momentum Club: Career Coaching Circle -- Starting Soon!

The Momentum Club; where career professional women come to passionately commit and achieve their goals.


Introducing The Momentum Club; a monthly program where a community of career-conscious, professional, like-minded women come for ongoing support & commitment to achieving their career goals.  

You are driven, ambitious, and in charge of your own game. You didn’t work this hard just to let your goals slip past you.

On January 1st, you said to yourself: “2014 is my year!” ? You felt unstoppable and claimed victory.  You knew it in your bones that this year would be different and full of limitless possibilities.  

But you're sensing something is amiss.

Since then you’ve encountered frustration, overwhelm, uncertainty, lack of clarity. Or maybe you’ve just lost your mojo. 

The Momentum Club was designed to help you fulfill your dream career and stay on track towards accomplishing your goals with purpose. Here you'll find a unique team filled with the sisterhood and support you crave. 

You belong here. Click over to see more! {}