Stepping Stones

I love the different trajectories our careers can take throughout an entire lifetime. Usually it starts right after college when we enter the workforce. We may find ourselves starting out in an admin position of a big company before working our way up to larger roles. We may make lateral moves within a company believing that each role will give us the experience and qualifications necessary to bring us closer to our dream job. The same can be true in pursuing a career in the arts. We can easily find ourselves working as a waitress until we make our big break as an actress.  Or someone who is an aspiring photographer can find themselves working as an assistant or shooting small unpaid gigs before they can have their dream job. Sometimes on the journey of becoming who we want to be and doing the work we love, there are some necessary steps we must take in order to get to the next level. It’s all part of our grand career plan. And these stepping stones help us create the career we most desire. 

Stepping stone jobs can be vital to the evolution of your career. They provide the platform to spearhead your career and provide you with real world experience to better prepare you for the next level.

However, what happens when we become stuck in a pattern of jobs that are simply stepping stones for our career? When we spend a little bit more time than necessary before embarking on our dream career because we have convinced ourselves that we are still not ready for a larger role and more responsibility?  How do we know when to take the leap and plunge into our dream career and soak up the pleasures of the unknown?

Stepping Stones of Memory - by nwwes, DeviantArt

Thoughts of  “I’m not experienced enough. I don’t know enough in that area to be good at it. This job is just a stepping stone but what I really want to do is …”. The litany of excuses are ongoing and can often keep us trapped in dead-end careers with the belief that we’re not yet equipped to have what we really want. The danger of stepping stone jobs are that they can tend to make us feel complacent and deceive us into thinking that we are moving closer to our dreams, when in actuality we are just standing still.

Pause for a moment and reflect on the last few jobs you’ve held. What about that job supported your dream career? How has that job led you closer to where you want to be? How ready do you feel to go to the next level? 

Chances are you are more ready to leave that stepping stone job than you think.

Let your stepping stone job support you for as long as it needs to but not a minute more. The moment you feel stagnant and disengaged from your role it may be time to reevaluate and finally move onto the career you’ve been saving yourself for. Your dream job is waiting for you.

Keep me posted on how it goes



Buyers Remorse

A met a good friend of mine for dinner the other night and she casually mentioned to me that she accepted a new job offer and would be starting on Monday. I jumped and cheered for her as I know the last few months of job hunting and interviewing was starting to weigh on her. Only she wasn’t excited about her new job and questioned whether she made the right decision. She wondered if the job aligned with her career goals and her life’s path. She wondered if the role matched her qualifications including the new Masters degree she just earned. She started having doubts whether she made the right decision. My friend was having buyer’s remorse.

Saying yes to any major life decision especially when it comes to your career can be daunting. The unknown can be scary as we don’t know what it would lead to and we feel like we’re losing our sense of control over the situation. Thoughts like this can make us feel like we’ve made a bad decision and regret starts to creeps in. We feel maybe we should’ve kept interviewing, maybe we shouldn’t have accepted the job offer, maybe we should’ve negotiated a higher salary, and maybe we shouldn’t have listened to other people. 

While you may have these thoughts coming up about your new job, it is important to remember, your attitude determines everything. If you show up to your new job with regrets, even if you hide it really well, it’s still likely to effect how well you do.

There is always something bigger going on behind the scenes of what you see. It is all a part of the greater universal plan that is unfolding all around you.


Although, on the surface the job may not feel like the right fit for you, what if you knew that in a few months, you would meet a client or customer that said a kind word about you which led to a promotion?


What if you knew that your new job challenged you to take on different responsibilities that you naturally excelled at and unexpectedly connected you deeper to your passion?


What if what you couldn’t see about this new job, was that down the road it would lead you to do the best work of your life that would then open up opportunities for greater career fulfillment?

All of these things may not be possible if you start day 1 with the thought that, this isn’t going to work out. The experience will be what you make of it. There are never any wrong decisions, just the one’s we choose to learn from. The new job is part of your experience, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. Trust the process and the path that is being laid out for you because in some way or another, you attracted the moment to you. Honor your decisions and commit to the path openly and with a willingness to see the bigger picture. 

Keep me posted on how it goes