Offline Activities

Sunday's freezing outside in NYC.  I bundled up and left my apartment to come to this Starbucks to use my computer.  You see, I've been without internet for the entire day; not of my own choosing.  I love the internet; I'm on it quite often.  Actually, I think I may be a bit obsessive with the time I spend on the internet.  Either I'm checking email, blogging, reading blogs, Facebook'ing, Tweeting (follow me @ari2881) ;),or admiring photos from other different photographers.  But today, for some reason there was a problem with my connection at home; it was too cold outside to do anything else so I was forced to do the unthinkable; read a book as well as some other offline activities.  And you know what?  It wasn't that bad.  I actually enjoyed it.  I stayed in my bed under the covers in the warmth and read my favorite book, The Artists Way.  And had some fun with my camera shooting self-portraits and editing them (more on that later).  Quiet time at home without the computer really did a world of good and I still got a lot done.  Lately, my mind has been telling me to give the internet  a break before it totally consumes me and today I was given that chance to do so.  Who know's why my internet connection decided to stop working today but I'm really glad I was able to tap into my offline world. Offline Activities
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