14 Days of Love - Day 12

When I saw these cookies displayed in the store it reminded me of my former days as a quote un-quote baker, lol. From the age of 12 until about 15, I lived in the kitchen baking all sorts of goodies. Cookies, pastries, cakes, you name it! It was the only sort of "cooking" I knew how to do at that age and I loved it. My favorite part of baking had to be pulling the freshly baked cookies out of the oven once they were done and sharing it with my family. I'd look for the expressions on their faces after they took the first bite. Most of the time it was an expression of delight followed by a "mmmmm, this is good". Other times they would wince after taking a bite of the oatmeal cookies because I put too much sugar and not enough oats in it, lol. Even at a young age, baking brought me a sense of calm and purpose. It felt good to be able to create something from scratch and share it with others. Nowadays, the time flies by and spending time in the kitchen to bake something is simply an afterthought. Every now and then I'll browse through recipes and stumble upon a yummy treat I could try to make. I think it's about time I rekindled my LOVE for baking and try my hand at oatmeal cookies again. :) Happy Friday!!
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