eBook Heart to Heart Debuts Today!

Today, I’d like to invite you into a conversation with your heart.

My new eBook, Heart to Heart debuts today and it is my absolute honor to share with you it’s unique message.  But first, let me share with you why I created Heart to Heart.

Heart to Heart was brought to you for several reasons.

I see potential for greatness in you.  
I see your desire to act on creative impulses and the fear that holds you back.  
I see your desire to live mindfully and purposefully.  
I see a hole in this world that needs YOU to fill it.

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Find Yourself on The Inspired Way

Passion.  Inspiration.  Purpose.

Does hearing these words create a warm feeling of comfort and ease for you?  Or do they remind you of that tugging feeling you have in your heart that yearns to venture.  At the very least, I hope hearing these words lead you to take a closer look within yourself to see what is bursting to come out.  Ask yourself… 

What would it be like to live an inspired, purpose-driven life?

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Guest Post: Your Three R's, by Valia Glytsis

So what is the “it” that keeps bugging us and ringing in our ears even though we try to ignore it, rationalize it, and sweep it under the rug? It’s our voice. It’s the part of us that knows we’re meant for greatness and should be playing life a LOT bigger than we are now.
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