Breeding Ground of the Heart

There is beauty and there is love in every moment that we are given. That beauty and love can powerfully transcend your heart from a place where you can see not just the world in front of us, but a world that is meant to be, because you are in it.

With the calling of our hearts we journey along a path of fearlessness, compassion, and inspired creativity.

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Why I Am Leaving Wedding Photography

It’s a new beginning.  Last Sunday, I shot my last wedding.  I knew in my heart as I lifted the camera to my eye and photographed the most stunning bride and her husband, that this would be the end of my journey as a wedding photographer.

In that moment, I also felt a hint of sadness as I watched the bride and groom so wrapped up in giddiness and excitement. They were now husband and wife.

When I reflect back on my last four years as a wedding photographer, I see the person I have become.

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Mindful Tools & Practices for Unblocking Creativity

Mindfulness means being present.

Now, what does that really mean for a creative?

Being mindful means being aware of what's happening around and inside you.  It means being in the moment so that you can fully experience the intersection of your intuition and creativity.

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The Quiet Writer In Me

When I am journaling first thing in the morning and it is just me and this spiral-bound notebook, nothing else matters.  The air around me is soft, the blue tinged sunlight filters in through my window and onto the page while my thoughts begin to trickle in.  They seem to flow so naturally without any hesitation leading my hand to move across the page writing my thoughts as they come.  In the privacy of this space I’ve created for my thoughts and words, it is the only time where they feel safe to enter the world. I enjoy giving my voice a place where it can live freely without judgment or limitations.  Since I began journaling over two years ago, I realized the power of the written word.  They have the ability to teach, empower, unlock, create, heal, and connect the dots.  Some of the best pastimes I had as a kid was writing.  Whether it was scribbling on the walls inside my home at the age of 4 or writing short stories in my English class in junior high school.  Give me a pencil and paper and my imagination would soar. 

Over the years, writing for creative play as gotten a bit lost in the shuffle.  Nowadays my writing mostly consists of grocery lists, business plans, and of course blog posts.  The most enjoyable being writing blog posts.  Other than my personal journaling, blogging has been the best and the most challenging way to reconnect with my writing.  Challenging in the sense that blogging is an open invitation for the eyes of strangers to get a glimpse into my mind and heart.  It was different back in junior high when my writing was graded for how well I could put together a sentence and place a period in the correct place. But somewhere along the way, I’ve buried that boldness to share my imagination in written form.  Now it’s my inner critic, that mean little voice inside that insists on grading anything I write.  It deters me with every word making it increasingly hard to press the “publish” button. 

These are my experiences as I seek to invite the voice of my creative child back into my writing again.  Assuring this voice that today, it is welcome to come out and play again.  Understanding that for so long it was buried and told not to write freely for fear of judgment and criticism.  To again feel what it is like to safely come forward into the world and let the thoughts of my imagination play onto the page.  I promise not to judge, second guess, or suppress what my heart is bursting to say.  They are the thoughts of my experience and imagination, which I will lovingly accept once again.

I won’t worry too much about writing perfectly; my words will come together and flow uniquely in their own way.  If I continue to write, my voice will gracefully enter my words when it’s ready. So with patience and acceptance day by day I will once again become reunited with the free spirit of my writing voice.

See Beauty...


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Packaged With Delight | Personal Reflections

I kept going back and forth whether or not this is worth a whole blog post, but I just couldn’t help it!  This little piece of darling creativity got me so excited when it arrived in my mailbox the other day.  An envelope that used to be a page right out of a magazine!  Check it out!


How cute is this nifty idea!  I got this from a client of mine when she mailed some paperwork to me.  The magazine page turned envelope, the magic marker writing on the front, and the stamp to make it complete.  I marveled at this little thing and almost didn’t want to open it because I’ve never received anything like it before.  It can work with magazine pages, newspapers, or even comic book pages! Ha! Ok ok, I know I’m going on and on about this little ‘ol thing but I just really appreciated the creativity and the thought that went behind it.  Not only is it a great way to express creativity and make an impression, but it is also very earth friendly.  I am inspired to try this myself for the next mailing I send out.  Comment below if you wouldn’t mind getting a letter from me to say hello packaged in a beautiful envelope made from magazine paper!  

Conversations In The Park | Personal Reflections

"Excuse me umm, are you a photographer”?  I heard this small voice say from behind me.  I was about 15 minutes into a portrait session with Pamela in Central Park when he approached me.  I turned around to see this adorable little boy.  His name was Avery; he was about 15 years old.  He had blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a sweet polite innocence about him.  I happily replied “yes, I am” as I turned towards him.   He went on to ask “is there anything special about photography that I should know?”

What a loaded question!  There was so much I wanted to tell Avery; so much I wanted him to know about what I had discovered on my own journey in photography.  I told him that like any type of artistry, it all begins from within.   That anything in the world around him could be captured in the way he envisioned.  Landscapes, objects, animals, people could all be uniquely photographed just by seeing the world with his heart.  We talked about light and how this is the most important element that can be used to create something beautiful. Avery didn’t own a camera but I expressed to him that even the most simplest camera could be used to capture something creatively.  I told Avery to always keep shooting because with every click of the camera you learn a little bit more about yourself.

Little did he know, but Avery totally made my day when he walked up to me to introduced himself and ask about photography.  I appreciated his courage and humility.  My hope for him is that he always holds onto his childlike curiosity that prompted him to approach me that day.  And to always keep that spark he had in his eyes whenever he learns something new. 

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." – Pablo Picasso

See Beauty...