Surprise...Happy Birthday Mrs. Martin!!

Happy Monday all! Today's a holiday and for most of you out there lucky enough to have the day off, I hope you can enjoy some time with your family and/or Bff's today.  And for those of you that are working today...uuuggh, I feel your pain.  But try giving a call to someone in your family or good friend (that is off today) just to say hello and stay in touch.  Ok, so what's with all the family and friend talk on the blog today, you ask? lol.  Well, today's post just warms my heart because I had the privilege to photograph an event that was filled with happiness and excitement from adoring friends and family to celebrate one woman; Mrs. Martin.  Here's the story... The crowd was hushed with giddiness for the impending surprise for the one unsuspecting Mrs. Bridget Martin who would be arriving in just 5 minutes.  It was her birthday and her husband and children wanted to throw a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 60 wonderful years. This event was very special.  I could feel the energy from all 100+ guests who were present.  Mrs. Martin is someone special who has touched so many lives; the love was amazing.  Here are a few photos from that night that I'd like to share which only touch the surface of how she celebrated her special day with her many loved ones.  Enjoy! She walked through the door.....SURPRISE!! They got her good! lol She dance with her husband of over 20 years; beautiful! Her whole family and friends came out to not only celebrate her birthday but to celebrate "her" that's what I call a party! Truly spectacular! See Beauty... Ariane
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