My Stab at Fine Art

Morning everyone! Since looking at life through a camera lens the environment around me has started to change around me; I see things differently now. Small details reveal themselves to me and uniqueness now captivates me. One evening while in my kitchen, I glanced up to the shelf above my stove and saw a piece of ginger that my mom bought while she visited with me.  It had been sitting there unused for weeks and had become dried up and almost rotten.  My first thought was that I should throw it out before it continued to decay, but then almost immediately, I took a second look at it and noticed how unique it truly was.  The ginger had taken on a new shape and it's texture was so visible.  I decided to do a little experiment with it.  I brought it into my living room to my makeshift studio ;) and begun taking pictures of it.  The first couple of pictures I took did it did it no justice; I wasn't satisfied with a picture of a drab piece of old ginger, lol.  So with the help of simple flashlight the ginger was transformed into what I think was a work of art (lol, not really).  Here are a few photos of my ginger art! Ginger1 Ginger2 Ginger3 So wha'dya think?!!  lol.  Yeh, yeh I know, it won't be hung up in museums anytime soon but it was fun to try.  Taking this photo reminded me of the work of 19th century photographer Edward Weston.  Weston was mostly known for his still life photography and one of his notorious photos called "Pepper #30".  Art as well as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :) Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day.
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