Neil & Monica | NYC Surprise Engagement Proposal

What can I say about this beautiful beautiful couple; Neil and Monica?  Just thinking about them makes me so excited to have met them and proud to have captured one of the most defining moments of their relationship.  Having known each other since high school, it was heart-warming to see how life had led them to Central Park one Thursday evening.  That fateful day Neil set out to propose to Monica.

Monica was under the impression that she and Neil would be doing something spontaneous in Central Park but she wasn’t sure what. It was a story devised by Neil.  Monica was so excited to see that a photo shoot had been arranged for them. She and Neil would get to have professional photos taken of them. How fun right?!!

We started out with some fun cozy shots of this adorable couple.

We continued around Central Park.  The evening was perfect as the sun was setting and the warm glow added a special element to the romance in the air.  My stomach was in knots, probably more so then Neil.  And then, after a swift exchange of glances between Neil and I, the moment had come.  The proposal.


I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal for these two.  And now to celebrate with some post engagement photos!

Being around Neil and Monica was such a joy.  Every couple has their own definition of love.  For me, it’s whenever my bf offers me the last piece of food on his plate.  But for Neil and Monica, it’s in the way he looks at her adoringly as she brushes her hair back, the comfort they feel in each others presence, and the light in their eyes when they share a moment of laughter. 

Congratulations to Neil & Monica; thank you for sharing a piece of you with me!  Join me in sending them your warm wishes by leaving a comment for them below!

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Brenda & Brandon: Let's Go Indiana U!!

Do you believe in fate?  Well after hearing Brenda and Brandon's story of how they blossomed as a couple, I am just about convinced that when the stars align, you just can't fight it.  It all happened during a University open house where they first laid eyes on each other.  While at the event, they occasionally exchanged lingering glances but kept it purely professional and stuck to the business at hand.  The open house ended and the two went their separate ways.  But as luck would have it, Brenda and Brandon crossed paths again and after several more encounters, he finally asked her out.  He took her to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on their first date.  They painted the city of Philly red as they dated and got to know one another. Brandon is a proud alumni of Indiana University and Brenda LOVES their college basketball team.  He planned to pop the question to Brenda and after some elaborate scheming on Brandon's part, he brought her back to Indiana University and proposed to her center court of the gymnasium. :) Brenda and Brandon are truly an amazing couple and it was such a great experience to hang out with them in downtown Philadelphia to capture them as a fun down-to-earth couple. He just loves her to pieces :). I just love the way Brenda looks at her husband to be; with such love in her eyes. Taking it back to where it all began at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; first date memories! :) For more of Brenda & Brandon's engagement session, be sure to check them out in the SLIDESHOW!  B & B! You two rock!  Looking forward to your wedding day in October.  Thank you so much! See Beauty, Ariane
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Beautiful Evening At Princeton University with Aiyisha + Seon

I'm so happy to bring to you this next post on a recent engagement session.  Aiyisha and I met and spoke on the phone a couple of times prior to their first photo session.  I had yet to meet Seon but I was anxious to meet Aiyisha's other half; the one that brought giddy smiles to her face whenever she mentioned his name.  They share a quiet yet sweet kind of love; the kind that seems like they've been together a lifetime. The shoot took place on the quiet yet charming grounds of Princeton University in New Jersey.  A place that was quite special to them as they had special memories around this small town of Princeton. They are planning their wedding this August and from what I've been told when it comes to the reception, there will be LOTS of dancing, lol. I'll make sure I bring comfortable shoes ;). It wasn't long before Aiyisha and Seon were laughing without a care in the world... My photo shoots are never complete without a little dancing... :) Quiet love moment... We passed by this little walkway here and the sunlight twinkled through the trees... And finally, Miss Aiyanna joined the fun with her parents.  Aiyianna gets straight A's in school and loves Math.  Oh yeah, and don't let that sweet adorable face fool you; she is NOT camera shy.  lol To see more of Aiyisha & Seon's engagement session, check out their SLIDESHOW!!
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Lover's Rock: Celebrating Love in NYC

A couple of weeks ago, an event took place in the Flatiron district, where old Manhattan meets new.  The Flatiron building looms above with it's notable architecture while Madison Square Park is a haven for couples in love.   The day was perfect as the sun shown brightly and the coldness of the winter air heightened the senses. I had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of a contest perfectly titled Lover's Rock, where I worked alongside three amazing NYC wedding photographers: Parris Whittingham, Bobby Wagner, & Chris Duggan.  Couples from around NYC were encouraged to come out and have their photos taken, sort of like a mini engagement shoot.  The couples participated in the shoot and then had their photo voted on by readers.  More on the story HERE.   I was amazed at the turn out; 19 couples!  Talk about a vast diversity of nationalities, different ages; young and old, complimenting personalities,  and of course the presence of love among the couples. Meeting all of these couples and learning about their love for one another while seeing it with my own eyes showed me how to find the unique story behind each individual.  Hand gestures, eye contact, body language made up the small details to tell a love story.   Here's a select few of my favorites from that day. Passion, excitement, humor, romance were all present on this special day in NYC. Thank you to all of the couples who came out that day and made this project a huge success.  A special thank you to photographers, Bobby Wagner, Chris Duggan, and Parris Whittingham for allowing me to be apart of this awesome event!
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