Being In Love | Real Answers

I love Valentines Day because aside from the flowers, the candy, and the “every kiss begins with Kay” commercials; it's the celebration of Love!  Valentines Day serves as a reminder to us all for the loves in our lives.   Let the sentiment of Valentines Day be with you not just today but everyday!  Love is something to be shared every day with anyone and anything that matters most to you.  It is truly such a strong emotion that once it is emitted into your world the connection you feel can be so profound.  The strongest way that love can be felt is among each other.  So for this special Valentines Day I want to reintroduce some of my past clients to you and their answers to the question:

“The Best Thing About Being In Love Is____________?”

VaNessa & Winslow, Engaged! "....always having your best friend by your side." Samontha & Terence, Married! "...when it feels like it's just you and your lover in the room, no one else exist." Annie & Hoyu, Married! She says: " bravely embrace the future of a marriage without fear, only hope." He says: " always know you have a hand to hold while walking down that icy street." Maya & Rod, Married! She says: "...talking to and spending time with your best friend every day; and them being your personal diary to share your innermost thoughts with." He says: "...unconditional friendship." Jo Elizabeth & O'Neal, Married! She says: "...feeling complete." He says: " that when you are truly in love your past is history learned, your present is a sweet sweet gift, and your future can only be great because love knows no limits." Andrea & Paul, Engaged! "...having someone there to share the joys of life with as well as lightening the burden of disappointments." "...knowing that if I gain or lose everything that person loves me for who I am unconditionally." "...supporting that loved one through the unbearable, such as chemo treatment, and still thinking I’m the luckiest man in the world." Ariane & Rob, Dating! I said: "...having someone to kill the spiders, mice, and other creepy crawler things that threaten my life.  Annnd being free to be vulnerable because you know this person will always love you regardless" He says: "...having someone that trusts you, which allows you to trust yourself." What is the best thing about being in LOVE for you?!! I want to hear from you out there :)! Happy Valentines Day to us all!  Keep love in your heart and in everything you do! See Beauty… Ariane
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Sneak Peek: Samontha & Terrence, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Whew; what a week it's been with all the hooplah, the tornados in NYC, and Vinny getting stood up on Jersey Shore; so much to process! lol Thank goodness it's Friday!  But the show must go on.  This weekend I'll be shooting a surprise 60th birthday party at the; dun da da dunnn.....Douglaston Manor!  Haha! Same place I shot Jasmine & Eugene's wedding :).  They're going to get sick of me over there but I can't get enough of this beautiful venue.  Talk about beautiful scenary and awesome views of the city skyline. Annnnnyywayyy, on to the point of this blog post.  Today I'm excited to share a sneak peek of Samontha and Terrence's photo shoot in BK.   What a fun couple.  They celebrated their 3 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and I was happy to share in their celebration. For this shoot, my partner Rob and I did another "Your Story" session where Samontha and Terrence reminisced about their wedding day, revealed what they've learned about each other in the last three years, and share some advice on keeping a marriage strong.  I can't wait to share their story with you all.  But for now, here are a few shots of my time with them in the downtown area of Brooklyn.  Enjoy! They both are so down to earth and have such a coooool vibe.  The rest are coming up soon :). Thank you and enjoy your weekend folks! See Beauty... Ariane
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Your Story: VaNessa & Winslow

Look at this beautiful couple below...sometimes a picture alone is not enough to tell their story. Photojournalism is one way of using an image to tell a story.  But, for one moment, imagine viewing the photograph their a particular melody or song that comes to mind?  What can you imagine these two saying to each other?  Imagine a fusion of crafted music and words that tell a unique story and add personal dimension. Please join me in experiencing VaNessa & Winslow's engagement to each other.  Enjoy! [vimeo 14578103] Thank you VaNessa & Winslow for letting me in at such an exciting time in your life.  Your story was both touching and inspiring. I'm so happy to see this project come to life in the way I envisioned it!  And from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank my business partner and sweetie, Rob Thony for his involvement in this project.  The soundtrack you heard throughout the slide show was composed and arranged by him.* I invite you to please leave your comments and feedback on "Your Story" and if you have a story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! :) See Beauty... Ariane *Note: "Waltz in D Major" classical piece composed by Frederic Chopin .
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Aiyisha & Seon: 2 Days Until The Big Day

The count down is on!  You remember Aiyisha & Seon from A Beautiful Evening at Princeton University, right?!  Well, their big day is finally only days away!  This Saturday, the two will become husband and wife and it will be such an honor to be a part of their special day.  I can already picture their wedding day; so perfect filled with laughter, love, and beautiful people. Cheers to August 21st, an amazing wedding day for an amazing couple! Stay tuned for an update where I'll post wedding day pics!
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