My Little Treasures

These teacups once belonged to my grandmother.  I remember when I was a little girl, I would look up at them through the glass cabinet that she used to keep them in.  They were so fancy  and carefully placed; I dare not touch them.  I would describe the teacups in the same way I would describe my grandmother: charming, strong, yet delicate.  My grandmother loved these beautiful little cups and brought them out proudly whenever she entertained guests. Teacups She has since passed on and I now keep these little treasures proudly in my cabinets.  And on special occasions, as well as ordinary days like this, I'll drink a cup of tea and feel closer to my grandmother with every sip. Teacups2 Do any of you keep a cherished item from a loved one who has passed on?  What is it and what memories does it hold for you?  I'd love to hear your stories. Thanks everyone...
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Special Moments at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means so much to so many people.  A time to to reflect and be thankful and show appreciation for everything and everyone in your life.  Laughter among family and friends, not to mention all the food I ate really made  for a perfect Thanksgiving this year.  But I what really wanted to reflect on was the one thing that made this holiday special; the children.  I swear it seemed like the kids outnumbered the adults this year...well that's not really true but just seeing all the babies and small kids running around and growing so big really added a special element this year. This is a photo of my second cousin Tristan.  Almost two year's old; so full of life and happiness.  I don't think I heard him fuss the whole time! He does this thing where he runs up to you really fast and lets out a short scream "Ahhh!!!" and then runs away.  :) Here's another little one.  There's was so much going on that day, Jace's little eyes darted everywhere making sure he didn't miss all the action. This next one is definitely one of my favorites (Can't believe I almost missed this shot.). It is two brothers and their son's.  A truly memorable moment.  I really think that 10 years from now these guys can look at this picture and remember this exact moment in time. Lol, this one was taken as I was peeking outside of the window through the blinds.  They must've heard the clang of my camera against the window glass so all three turned around at the same time, and click! Turned out to be another one of my favorite pictures. Here they are at it again, too busy being so adorable! And last but not least...Grandpa and Grandson.  Another memorable moment. Thanks for taking the time to read and allowing me to share some special moments of my Thanksgiving.  Please feel free to share your Thanksgiving stories.  I look forward to hearing your comments!
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Newest Addition to my family - Part II

Welcome to my new blog site, thanks for checking it out! I thought I'd start off with a part two of my previous post, Newest Addition to My Family.  To read that post first, click here: /?p=5 Have you ever had a family member that you grew up with?  Someone that you could reminisce about old times 15 years ago?  Well for me, that person is my cousin, O'Neal.  During family get togethers, he and I, as well as my other siblings and cousins would talk about our childhood growing up in NYC and spending summer vacations in Jamaica to visit with Grandpa; we had stories that would last for hours.  That time was so long ago and it surprises me to see how we've all grown up.  We are all living the adult life, working, creating a home, and starting families. Two weeks ago, I got to spend some time with O'Neal, his wife Jo Elizabeth (or Jo as we all call her), and that oh so cute amazing little one, Jace.  We set up a photo shoot right in their home to really portray their strong family bond in an intimate setting.  When I arrived at their home, I found O'Neal and Jace fast asleep on the couch.  A truly perfect father and son moment.  I quickly whipped out my camera to capture it. DSC_0001 So apparently these two were too pooped to do a photoshoot at the moment :). But I didn't mind.  I enjoyed watching little Jace sleep so comfortably and warm in O'Neal's arms.  Thats the thing with photographing a newborn, you have to adhere to their schedule, not your own.  What usually would've been an hour long photoshoot turned into around 2hrs, because we had to take breaks for diaper changes and feedings.  But I was along for the ride.  As their photographer for moment, I got to see a small chunk of the love this family shares for one another.  And how this tiny person has brought such joy and happiness to two wonderful parents. You'll see all the funny faces he makes throughout the shoot.  :) DSC_0025 See what I mean?  lol. Once you get past all his cute funny faces, you can really get lost in his eyes.  So bright and full of joy. DSC_0034 I watched Jo with her new son and it seemed as though time stood still as she played with Jace; nothing else mattered.  Not me, not the camera, just a mom and her son. DSC_0062a DSC_0075 DSC_0089 DSC_0092 Here comes daddy!  These pictures always get to me.  Sometimes I still can't believe O'Neal, the same cousin that I used to run up and down with on the playground and in the house causing all sorts of trouble when we were kids, is now a DADDY!!  Lol.  But it's so wonderful.  I'm so proud of him. DSC_0226 DSC_0231 DSC_0234 DSC_0276 DSC_0271 I want to leave off with these last family portraits; they are really my favorites because well, they're my family and I'm so proud of them but also because it really shows me how far we all have come. DSC_0242 DSC_0250 DSC_0256 Congratulations to Jo & Neal for a beautiful baby boy who's growing so beautifully.  We're not kids anymore (sniff, sniff) but I'm so proud of you guys.  Life can change so fast and so dramatically but I think it's a journey that no matter what path you take, will be so fulfilling and worth all the memories in the world.
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My Little Momma

Ok, I had to do this one for my Mom!! My mother moved to Florida almost a year ago but up until then we were like two peas in a pod.  Frequent shopping trips to the mall, long conversations about anything, or just hanging out at home watching a movie.  Sounds more like a best friend then a mom.  But that's how I look at her, even to this day; my mom is one of my best friends.  She's like this little lady, 5 feet 4 inches, so cute, full of life and loving.  I call her "my little momma" :). She flew up to New York to visit with me for two weeks.  It was like old times.  We stayed up late at night reminiscing about old times when I was growing up, strolled around Union Square admiring the artwork from the local vendors, and even pampered ourselves with a trip to the nail salon to get mani/pedi's.  We did so much in the two weeks she was here but the time that stood out the most to me was taking her to the Japanese Stroll Garden in Oyster Bay, Long Island.  One thing you should know about my mother is that she absolutely loves gardens, flowers, and anything nature related so this was the perfect place for her.  It felt good to be able to do this small thing for her after all the things she's done for me in my life.  Here are a couple of photos from that day that I also plan on putting into an album because I would love to look back on this experience 5 or even 10 years from now.
Look how beautiful!!  Initially she didn't want me to take any pictures of her because she doesn't think she's photogenic.
And by far my most favorite picture of my mom.  Really captures her spirit and her beauty from within.
It's funny how when you grow older you look at your parents and appreciate them in different ways.  Now when I look at my mom I really see and understand who she is.  Being a parent can be a very difficult thing and I realize that now as an adult and hopefully a future parent.  I am grateful to have such a fulfilling relationship with my mom and I'll always cherish the times that we spend with each other.  Love you Mom!!
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The Newest Addition to My Family

On June 24th my family welcomed Jace O'Neal into the world. I can't describe the feeling I felt when I walked into the hospital room when I went to visit. My cousin, and proud new father, was holding him in his arms, gazing into his son's eyes with amazement.

I have never seen my cousin look so peaceful as he held his new son. I wanted to tell him how proud of him I was and that all the things that has ever happened to him in his life, lead up to this very moment. Welcome Jace O'Neal, your daddy loves you very much...

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