Our Sense of Calling

Every year, round the scalp of the planet, the caribou run the same path of migration along the edge of the Artic Circle. They are born with some innate sense that calls them to this path. And every year, along the way, packs of coyote wait to feed on the caribou. And every year, despite the danger, the caribou return and make their way.


Often nature makes difficult things very clear. What feels like confusion is frequently our human refusal to see things for what they are. What lesson do the caribou shout to us with the thunder of their hooves as they deepen the crown of the planet? They are evidence, even as we speak, of the fact that in every living thing there is an inner necessity that outweighs all consequence. For the caribou it is clear what it is.

For spirits carried in human form, it is a blessing and a curse that we don't always know our calling. Part of our migration is the finding out. What is it we are called to, beneath all formal ambition? The caribou tell us that, though there are risks and dangers that wait in the world, we truly have no choice but to live out what we are born with, to find and work our path.

These elegant animals bespeak a force deeper than courage, and, though some would call the caribou stupid, the mystery of their migration reveals to us the quiet, irrepressive emergence of living over hiding, of being over  thinking, of participating over observing, of thriving over surviving.

In regions near the Arctic, the caribou are not just seen as animals living out an instinct at all cost. Rather, it is believed that their endless run, no matter what stands in their way, is what keeps the Earth turning. And somewhere, beneath all hesitation and despair, it is our endless call to being, in each of us and all of us together, that keeps the fire at the center of the Earth burning.

Excerpt from "The Book of Awakening" by Mark Nepo.


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By Chance

This past Friday night was one for the books.  My boyfriend and I had just finished watching the movie The Adjustment Bureau which oddly enough was about fate and free will. Some believe that everyone has their own divine plan in life and must be followed exactly but sometimes we deviate from it, follow our hearts and create our own path.  I won’t give away too much about the movie but I highly recommend it.  So anyway, Rob and I decided to go grab a drink somewhere before heading home.  We randomly walked by this place we had never been before; it was called Anyway Café.  The thing that really drew us in was the sound of the piano we heard from outside and the amazing voice of Jennifer Jade.  We walked in, sat down and ordered two glasses of red wine.  It was perfect.  The ambiance was dark with the exception of flickering candles.  Jennifer’s voice was so soothing as she sang ‘Round Midnight originally played by Thelonious Monk.  Rob, being the music enthusiast that he is, sung along in a low whisper and closed his eyes while feeling the music.  My mind felt peaceful and still; cleared of any distractions to just enjoy the moment. As Jennifer sung the last note of the song and the crowd of about 10 people applauded her, she turned to our table enthusiastically saying “do you know how to sing?!!!”.  We both were caught by surprise especially Rob as he hesitantly answered yes.  In a blink of an eye she grabbed Rob by the hand and led him to the microphone and cheered him on to sing something.  Totally out of the blue, Rob was put on the spot but his love for performing and music would not let him say no.  He made his way to the front of the room and belted out Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You”.  I watched on as he sung every note and immersed himself into a zone that only his passion could bring out.  I can’t describe how amazing that moment was; to see him at his absolute best doing what he loves.  The happiness I felt in my heart was bursting at the seams. Sometimes life leads you down a path that is completely different than what your heart wants but no matter how far you go, your passions will never leave you.  Time after time you may find that the opportunity to act out your passion always comes back to you.  Rob taught me that night what it means to be in the moment and follow your heart despite any fears.  We are presented with choices at every moment that sometimes require us to take action spontaneously.  And in that moment, let go of the inhibitions and fears, allow the heart to take over, and make it do what it do. See Beauty... Ariane
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You're Not Alone

This note started out as a Facebook status update but I realized that to put how I felt into a sentence or two, just wouldn't be enough... Just when you think that you've made the wrong choice or the work you do doesn't make a difference.  Just when you start to question the journey you're on, something or someone comes along to prove you wrong. My day was just brightened by a complete stranger who emailed me to let me know they saw beauty and emotions in my photography.  And that my work and journey has been inspiring to them. I am humbled and I am truly happy to have received such a sweet message today. Although we make choices to follow our heart and pursue our passions, sometimes the journey can get rough and doubt starts to seep in.  But if you ever think for one second that you want to give up or you feel like "what's the point?", always know that there is someone that admires what you're doing and needs you to continue on your path.  We strengthen each other through love and support. Be true to yourself, continue to follow your heart, and know that you are not alone in your journey... See Beauty... Ariane
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