10 Tips to Looking Absolutely Beautiful in Your Photos

10 Tips to Looking Absolutely Beautiful in Your Photos

A few days ago, I posted a new profile picture to Facebook.

Within the first 5 minutes of posting, I got 1, 3, 5, 10 likes and within just a few hours, my photo got over 100 likes and nearly 30 comments.  Comments poured in that read: “beautiful!, “gorgeous!, stunning!” I was floored, then I became intrigued. What was it about my profile picture and pictures in general that generate such a high response from our friends and colleagues? I noticed this same phenomenon when a recent photo client of mine posted her headshots.  Here she is:

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Express Your True Colors, Do What You Love

Express Your True Colors, Do What You Love

Portraits that capture your true brand essence

You’ve got big dreams. You are doing meaningful work and making an impact in the world doing work that you love. So when it comes to being the face behind your brand, your photo is the key piece that can create a genuine, authentic connect between you and your audience.

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Headshots for Entrepreneurs

There is something so inspiring about hearing a person talk about their goals and dreams. You feel how much it lights them up, fuels them, and is the thing that they are uniquely capable of giving to the world. Somehow you just know that this person is going to do great things in the world. They are on the cusp of bringing their dream business out of their heads and into the world.

In the beginning, as an entrepreneur, you are putting the pieces of your venture together to introduce a new part of you into the world, especially as business owners, artists, and creatives.  You are building a business or creating a body of work as extension of who you are.

In developing my own business, I realize the importance of connecting a  real face to a business.  Behind the words of a mission statement or a business page on Facebook, having an image that conveys truth, personality, and quality is imperative. It communicates volumes about your work ethic and professionalism  long before a client even hires you.

I’d like to give you the type of image that you would be proud of; that encompasses the essence of who you are and the work you bring into the world. I take time in getting to know you and your goals so that on the day of the shoot, our vision can come together to portray your greatest asset, YOU.

What you’ll get from me as your photographer is: over four years of experience with a photographer that knows first hand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, a comfortable relaxing photo session that seems more like a hangout than an actual photo shoot, and the life coach in me that will bring out the very best in you from the inside out. 

The details:

  • One 45 minute photo session w/ up to two wardrobe changes
  • proofing gallery to view your photos
  • 10 images for you to keep
  • $175.00


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Here’s what a few clients had to say:

 Wow.  I feel very happy... YOU are helping my business become a reality.  - Pamela Malo, Nourish to Flourish

I can’t wait to get them on my website & business cards! Thanks again so much for your beautiful work. - Christopher Cooley, Classical Pianist

Oh.  My.  God!!!  These are THE BEST photos I believe I've ever had taken!  I am BEYOND thrilled!  Wow, you're amazing, Ariane! I originally thought I would use whatever good shots I got from this shoot and combine them with other shoots I've had for the images on my website.  But after seeing these, I don't want anyone else's but your photographs on my site.  They are astoundingly beautiful. I can't express how FREAKING PLEASED i AM!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, - Andy Monroe, Singer/Songwriter

Opera & The City | NYC Lifestyle Portraits

I swear sometimes it feels like the universe is uniting me with some pretty amazing people.  People who are deeply passionate about their craft and have a love affair with living life! I had the awesome pleasure of working with Ernest recently for a lifestyle portrait shoot.  His energy, positivity, creativity, and talent was so very inspiring. 

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