I Wish To Share

I admire Jamie Ridler and her pursuit of spreading inspiration and positivity.  Today on Wishcasting Wednesday, she asked "What Gifts Do You Wish To Share?"  I was excited to take a moment and think about what gifts do I have to offer the world.  Here's what a little self-reflection revealed: I wish to share...
  1. the experiences through my journey of self-discovery
  2. my voice with others to encourage positivity, support, and inspiration
  3. the lessons I've learned from life, love, and being present in the moment
  4. my passion for photography and soulful creativity
  5. my love for connecting with people
  6. this link to Wise Living Blog that I find to be so inspiring and uplifting
  7. my ability to scarf down ice cream, cookies and other baked goods at lightning speeds ;)
What do gifts would you like to share...? See Beauty... Ariane
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