Valia At The Park

I can always tell a lot about a person by their email; from the initial greeting to the very last line.  With Valia, the very first line of her email (after the "Hi Ariane", lol) was "I hope this email finds you well!"  And she ended with a "Thank You!!"  With not just one exclamation point but two :).  As silly as that sounds, reading her email brought a smile to my face and I knew no matter what, she and I would be working together and we would get along really well. I was right :)!  Meet Valia.  She is starting a new venture as a life coach; how amazing!  After much thought she decided to go after her dreams to work with people to help them realize their personal and professional goals.  She went on to tell me how she loves working with people to help them to achieve success and be fulfilled in their lives.  As she put it "life is too short".  She is absolutely right.  Valia has a lovely spirit and is very passionate in her goals of helping others; I admire her greatly :). She and I decided to do a lifestyle photo shoot at Central Park.  But for this particular session we decided to go to the northern part of the park to avoid the crowds.  The day couldn't be more beautiful.  The color of the fall leaves were absolutely brilliant against the late afternoon sun.  Valia and I couldn't stop mentioning how beautiful the day had turned out to be.  Here are a few shots of our session together. Something so serene and peaceful about this photo.  Wedding photographer, Junshien Lau quoted in a recent post the line, "Good photography is about how it makes you feel. An image can be technically ‘bad’, but if it evokes emotion, in our book it’s a keeper".  I was so happy that he said that; I completely agree!  And when I look at this shot; it's definitely my keeper :). Now THIS is my favorite shot.  I took a series of this same shot but this one in particular stood out the most to me; mostly because of the look on her face.  Her subtle smile and determined look in her eyes says to me "look out world, here I come" :). Valia, I enjoyed every minute of working with you!  Your positive spirit and outlook on life leaves me with no doubt that you will be a success in your career as a life-coach.  Best of luck to you :)! See Beauty... Ariane
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