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As the sun rose one morning, it was perfectly positioned in the sky so that it cast one beam of twinkling light through the blinds of my bedroom.  It was directed right into my eyeball as I tried to sleep so I couldn’t ignore it; it was too bright, it was too beautiful.  I woke up to a sun-filled bedroom of golden light and a renewed spirit.

The moment of that perfect sunray lasted for all of five minutes before the sun moved its position in the sky.  

My relationship with light has changed.  Photography has taught me the importance of light and awakened me to it’s purpose in the world. 

Light brings comfort, transforms, symbolizes new beginnings, new thought, guides direction, promotes creativity, adds dimension, gives life, and strengthens the mindLet your light shine through.

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At Night

When I get home in the evenings and I finally have time to pick up the camera, the night has already come.  The sun has gone down, shadows are everywhere, and the street lamps are the only source of light.  Makes you really appreciate the long days of summer and the endless sunlight.  I think one one of the worst things a photographer has to deal with is shooting at night.  Well, that and flourescent lighting :).  But one can definitely appreciate the challenge of doing night time photography where natural lighting is not always present.  It's like you're kind of forced to really look at your surroundings and see things differently.  You find yourself getting creative playing with shooting techniques and comparing how a scene changes at night verses the daytime.  I knew there was a risk with me going out at night to shoot, I sort of resisted it, but I actually had fun doing it.  This shot was taken around 6:00pm on Roosevelt Island near the Queens Bridge.  I feel this photo brings an element of nostalgia to it, as if the photo was taken back in the 1900's.  Street Lights Do any of you out there have a great night photo to share or experiences with night photography?  Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
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