Lover's Rock: Celebrating Love in NYC

A couple of weeks ago, an event took place in the Flatiron district, where old Manhattan meets new.  The Flatiron building looms above with it's notable architecture while Madison Square Park is a haven for couples in love.   The day was perfect as the sun shown brightly and the coldness of the winter air heightened the senses. I had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of a contest perfectly titled Lover's Rock, where I worked alongside three amazing NYC wedding photographers: Parris Whittingham, Bobby Wagner, & Chris Duggan.  Couples from around NYC were encouraged to come out and have their photos taken, sort of like a mini engagement shoot.  The couples participated in the shoot and then had their photo voted on by readers.  More on the story HERE.   I was amazed at the turn out; 19 couples!  Talk about a vast diversity of nationalities, different ages; young and old, complimenting personalities,  and of course the presence of love among the couples. Meeting all of these couples and learning about their love for one another while seeing it with my own eyes showed me how to find the unique story behind each individual.  Hand gestures, eye contact, body language made up the small details to tell a love story.   Here's a select few of my favorites from that day. Passion, excitement, humor, romance were all present on this special day in NYC. Thank you to all of the couples who came out that day and made this project a huge success.  A special thank you to photographers, Bobby Wagner, Chris Duggan, and Parris Whittingham for allowing me to be apart of this awesome event!
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