Garth - The "GQ" Look

"This is the first time I will be behind a camera in a long time". - Garth Hearing Garth say those words made me feel both sad and excited at the same time.  We were discussing his upcoming photo shoot when he told me this and it made me realize how time can cost us memories of ourselves.  We can forget the person we were just one year ago, let alone five years ago.  Well, I was determined and excited to capture who Garth was and on the day of our shoot he let his personality shine through.  Someone who enjoys his life, has a great attitude, and very handsome I might add :). Garth is such a great guy and tons of fun.  He also happens to be an awesome hair stylist.  His salon is right in heart of NYC; he'd be happy to have you.  Check out Garth's work HERE.
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