Write It Out

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the book, the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron but I have been reading it since June last year and it has changed my perspective on a lot of things.  There are three major things that Julia emphasizes in her book which are Morning Pages, Artist Dates, and 20 minute walks.  Morning pages in particular is something that I have tried to incorporate in my daily activities.  Basically, what morning pages are is taking half an hour to 45 minutes first thing in the morning to write down three pages of everything that you have going on in your mind at that moment.  Finding someplace quiet and comfortable to just write.  All of your fears, doubts, complaints, and desires spill out onto the page every morning.  If you keep writing consistently, you'll start to develop clarity in the day to day and answers to your questions will start to reveal themselves.   The act of writing is truly energizing and emotional all at the same time.  It's amazing what your thoughts can reveal sometimes. I did my morning pages daily and experienced the gradual changes to my spirit.  I felt light and free and my thoughts were clear and more focused.  I was on a roll!  My morning pages had led me down a path and I was discovering myself and what truly mattered to me.  I had developed a love for writing in the morning and came to depend on them.  Up until recently, I started to slack off a lot; not sure why.  In the mornings I would wake up and my first thought was "do your morning pages" and then my second immediate thought was "oh, you can skip writing today".  I made excuses for not being able to write; not enough time or not in the mood.  I ended up skipping a day here and there until it turned into weeks of not writing my morning pages.  Everyday that I skipped left me feeling frustrated and empty but most of all guilty for not treating myself better.  Writing in my pages was truly my healing process and I took that away.  Guilt ensued. This went on for weeks and turned into months until I was ready to take action and get back on track.  I realized that feeling guilty everyday for not doing my pages was counterproductive and did not help matters.  So the only thing left was to just do it; make a conscious decision to take time out for myself no matter what.  So lately, I have gotten back on track with writing my Morning Pages.  I even setup a wake-up call with a friend of mine who also used to do Morning Pages but needed help getting back on track.  So now we call each other every morning as a reminder to do our morning pages.  The added support sure helps a lot. But I have changed it slightly in a way that works best for me.  Sometimes I can't write in the morning so I make sure to write in the evening; Evening Pages.  Other times, I'm not able to write at home so I go to Starbucks to do my pages.  It can be all three pages or a page and a half, the point is that I'm writing and paying attention to my inner spirit once again.  One day at a time, one morning at a time... Thanks all for listening...:)
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