Beautiful Evening At Princeton University with Aiyisha + Seon

I'm so happy to bring to you this next post on a recent engagement session.  Aiyisha and I met and spoke on the phone a couple of times prior to their first photo session.  I had yet to meet Seon but I was anxious to meet Aiyisha's other half; the one that brought giddy smiles to her face whenever she mentioned his name.  They share a quiet yet sweet kind of love; the kind that seems like they've been together a lifetime. The shoot took place on the quiet yet charming grounds of Princeton University in New Jersey.  A place that was quite special to them as they had special memories around this small town of Princeton. They are planning their wedding this August and from what I've been told when it comes to the reception, there will be LOTS of dancing, lol. I'll make sure I bring comfortable shoes ;). It wasn't long before Aiyisha and Seon were laughing without a care in the world... My photo shoots are never complete without a little dancing... :) Quiet love moment... We passed by this little walkway here and the sunlight twinkled through the trees... And finally, Miss Aiyanna joined the fun with her parents.  Aiyianna gets straight A's in school and loves Math.  Oh yeah, and don't let that sweet adorable face fool you; she is NOT camera shy.  lol To see more of Aiyisha & Seon's engagement session, check out their SLIDESHOW!!
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