Sneak Peek: The Little One

How is the week treating you so far?  You guys ok out there?!!  Ok, good.  Because I got something for you today that I think may bring a smile to your face or maybe even get you thinking about a time in your life when you gazed down at a beautiful tiny person that brought you overwhelming joy :).   That's the feeling I got when I looked at Addison.  She is only a month old but I swear with her tiny hands and feet and those beautiful soulful eyes; it made my heart smile.  I know I told you guys time and time before how much of an honor it was to photograph Leslie and Danielle at their wedding, their maternity, and now with their new little blessing.  It's just that I feel so incredibly lucky to know them as clients and as friends.  They are such great people and the love they now have for Addison and for each other, has grown immensely. I could go on and on about them but I just wanted to share with you some quick sneak peek photos of Addison on her first photo shoot. Thanks for going easy on me Addison; she knew this was my first time working with such a special little person ;).  I have so much more to share with you guys on this photo session.  More to come! See Beauty... Ariane
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