Tune In

The birds chirping outside my window at this moment are doing something really sweet to my soul. For a moment there, I envisioned myself on a beautiful countryside with miles and miles of fields under a limitless sky. Yet, I am here in the middle of NYC amidst concrete, power lines, and honking car horns.

The chirps help to remind me that nature is all around and is accessible to us once we're able to tune in. When you tune into what's around you, you begin to see and feel that you have everything you need in that moment.

Will you tune in today?

With Love & Light,


Phil Roberts: Architectural Lifestyle

At the age of 7 or 8 years old, Phil Roberts had budding desire to design and build major cities like Toronto, NYC, LA you name it!  For hours he would sit and build models of cities based on pictures he had seen and places he'd been. As he put it "I would tend to my cities like a gardener tends to plants".  Phil was kind of enough to share one of his pictures that was taken back in the day of one of his first city models when he was around 8 years old; not bad huh?!! I loved it! His amazement and fascination with designing and developing layout plans for urban dwellings made an impact on me.  Creativity comes in all shapes and forms.  His passion never left him as he is now studying architecture at the University of Toronto. Phil contacted me to setup a session to document him in scenic locations around NYC to capture his love for architecture and document a bit of his lifestyle. We set out to the heart of Manhattan to places like Bryant Park, Times Square, and The Highline and experienced the city like never before.  We walked around 42nd street and he was completely immersed in the surroundings of colorful billboards and uniquely designed skyscrapers. He finds comfort and solitude with a good book and swarms of people buzzing around him in Times Square! Couldn't you just see him on the cover of Architectural Digest? :) And a little fun with the yellowest revolving door ever! Thanks Phil for giving me a little peek into the world of architecture; I admire your passion and have no doubt you'll go far in your career. See Beauty... Ariane
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Maya & Rod + baby belly

We all went to college together and now here we are 7 years later and Maya & Rod are both expecting their first little baby girl.  This session meant a lot to me because it gave me a chance to get reunite with my old college mates and it also gave me the chance to be apart of a  of a special time in their lives as they prepare to grow their family. We started out at a studio in the floral district of Manhattan and then walked over to the nearby Madison Square Park and took some shots there.  The day was perfect and Rod & Maya were great to work with.  Here are my favorite photos of them, 8.5 weeks pregnant and full of energy! To see more of Maya & Rod's maternity session; check out their SLIDESHOW! Maya & Rod, you two were an absolute pleasure to work with.  I wish you all the luck and many blessings for your new family!  Also, a special thank you to my makeup artist VaNessa Cook for Maya's amazing look!
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Photo Competition, Help Me Decide!!

So I've decided to do it! I'm going to enter this year's Photobook NYC competition for a chance to win a year long PDN magazine subscription, a BLURB gift card, AAANNND the chance to be published in a special edition of PDN Magazine!  I'm so excited to apply but I have tons of pictures that I want to submit, but I only need to select one.  Aaarrrggh! I can't decide!  The photos have to be NYC related and can be anything that represents people, places, things, events or anything related to the city or the surrounding boroughs. I have narrowed it down to three photos; please help me choose! So let me tell you a little about each one: Silhouette of the cityscape; I thought the diagonal perspective and contrasted colors gives it kind of a funky look :). Annnd so this one was taken at 34th Street station, one of the main subway hubs in Manhattan.  A piece of NYC culture as this dancer and her band put on a show for commuters and tourists. And then we have the Coney Island shot.  I chose this image because I think everyone can relate to the excitement of an amusement park and Coney Island is one of many iconic places in NYC. So, what do you think?  Is there one particular image that speaks to you more than the others?  I can't decide, so I'm turning it over to you out there.  All comments are welcome!  Thanks for all of your help :)!
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14 Days of Love - Day 1

Hello everyone!  And welcome to February!! 14 Days of Love... Love can be one of the most deepest and most complex feeling that one has ever experienced.  It can be acquired in so many ways and take on many different forms.  I've been inspired to capture signs and true representations of love in the world around me.  Whether it's a mother kissing her child, a musician passionately playing a tune, or a display of love for humanity.  Love exists all around us, we just need to open our eyes. Look around and you'll see love...
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Underground Journey

The train stations in NYC can be such an amazing place; from Grand Central to the subways underground, it's like a city all it's own.  You hop on the train to get you to where you're going and you will be delighted at the things you see along the way.  The NYC subways can serve as a place where performers can showcase their talent and entertain.   You can find artwork gallantly displayed on the walls near platforms, and the rider sitting across from you always has a good story to tell.   This and so much more is what I experience on a daily basis as a commuter. I hope you enjoy! [youtube aY6YWcfp-mY]
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