Sweet Pair

The drive home left me in me in a state of deep thought and silence with nothing but the open road in front of me.  All I could think of was the session I just had with these two wonderful souls that left me feeling a bit different than before I met them.  I felt refreshed and filled with joy after having met Harper and LaShae. Harper (R).  She had an amazing spirit with piercing beautiful eyes that oozed happiness.  She is a happy little baby who is excited about the world around her.  She likes to smile and wiggle and just absolutely loves kisses :).  One smile from her and you are consumed by her glow and all of your worries melt away.  And then there is LaShae.  Inspiration can come in so many different packages.  This time, it came in the form of a 6 month old little girl who has proven her strength and the power of the human spirit.  After facing several challenges since childbirth, she has grown despite the odds and continues to inspire her parents everyday. LaShae was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida which is a condition that effects some vertebrae over the spine to not develop fully while in the womb.  She underwent surgery literally 24hrs after she was born.  Although she has and will continue to face challenges in her growth and development, amazingly she continues to exude strength through it all. I know I speak of these girls as if I've known them for years when all I did was spend an hour with them them photographing their beautiful little faces.  But the truth is, I learned so much from that one session with them.  It was much more than ooogling at their cuteness.  They drew me in with their energy, strength and amazing personalities; they reminded me that anything is possible.  A special thank you to their parents Shaneka and Rod for graciously welcoming me into your home to photograph your lovely family and sharing the story of your two amazing little girls.   I see where Harper & LaShae get their strength from; you are all an inspiration! To learn more about Spina Bifida, I invite you to check out these links for more information (thanks for the links Shaneka!):
Spina Bifida Association - www.spinabifidaassociation.org
See Beauty... Ariane
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Prepping For The Little One

This has been an INCREDIBLE week; seriously an amazing experience.   I met five of my most admired photographers in the industry just this week alone!  Scott Bourne, Skip Cohen, Jessica Lark, Mera Koh and the awesome Jasmine Star!  I've got pictures to prove it, lol.  And my super cool photographer friends I've met along the way has been stellar!  I could go and on about everything, but I will save it for Monday's post because right now I'm so excited and my thoughts are all jumbled up lol.  So for right now, I have to shift my brain to babies!  I have my first newborn shoot with Leslie and Danielle tomorrow!  You may remember these two when I did the maternity shoot with them back in September. A month later, they now have a beautiful baby girl; I can't wait to meet her and take photos of her beautiful face.  I already saw pictures of her on Facebook and she has that cute spikey hair thing going on lol.  So off to Long Island I go to meet her tomorrow morning. Wish me luck because seriously babies scare me, lol.  They're so fragile and young; it's so intimidating.  Leslie and Danielle's baby is only a month old but I want to really capture her personality and the bond she's already developed with her parents.  How amazing huh?  Such a precious thing. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.  I plan on using my off-camera flash too so that should make for some interesting pics :). Toodles!  (I know I don't usually say "toodles" but I kinda felt it and just went with it, lol). Happy Friday! See Beauty... Ariane
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