Mom's And Daughters

I love these doing these family shoots with the kids.  They are such a ball of energy you can't help but have fun being young again :)!  Running through the park, throwing leaves in the air, and playing peek-a-boo; oh yeah, and snapping a few pics along the way ;).  Here are my favs from my recent family portrait session with these fun gals.

----------------->Check out the SLIDESHOW for more <-----------------

It was about 30 degrees out, teeth were chattering and cheeks were rosey.  But we had plenty-o-smiles :)! Isn't she a cutey?!! She wanted to show me how high she could go on the swings.  Ok missey, show me what you got! lol "Higher, higher" they both yelled, lol. She tried showing me how to do this neat little trick with her tongue.  I still didn't do it right, but they are both pro's lol. I just loved her sneakers! I mean talk about GIRL POWER!! lol Playing in the leaves is just so irresistibly fun so mom had to join in!  I was tempted to but that would've been just weird.  Could you imagine...? "Why is our photographer playing in the leaves, shouldn't she be taking our picture?!!" lol. Fun, fun fun times with this lively bunch!  Thanks for braving the cold with me.  Santa will undoubtedly reward you for your awesome-ness :)! Don't forget to see their slideshow for more photos :)! See Beauty... Ariane
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