Classically Yours | NYC Lifestyle Portrait Session

Looking back at these photos, I can still hear the fluid sounds of the piano coming through.  Chris Cooley, a classical pianist who has been playing for many years contacted me one day to set up a photo session.  He had me at “I’m looking for imagery that captures my uniqueness and versatility”.  I excitedly set up a session with him.  I knew that with his artistic background and openness to creative ideas and concepts for his shoot, would make for an awesome session. 

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Ebonie, Classic Glamour | Portraits | Murray Hill, NYC

I finally got this awesome lady in front of my camera; meet Ebonie everyone!  We first met about a year ago at a cute little boutique shoe shop in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue.  I was shoe shopping and she helped me pick out the cutest pair of sandals that I rocked all summer.  I trusted her taste because I mean look at her; the woman oozes style and class.  I loved it!  Along with my pair of shoes, I even bought a two-finger ring that read “faith”.  I was a little hesitant before purchasing the ring because it totally was not my style at the time.   But I fell in love with the message of this ring and was open to experimenting with my wardrobe.  Ebonie said something to me that day that I never forgot, “wear the ring, don’t let it wear you”.  I proudly wear that ring to this day :).

Ebonie makes a statement with all that she is; through her fashion, warm personality, and a flair for colorful creativity.

And I’m so happy to share with you an extension of Ebonie’s creativity through her passion for her line of handcrafted jewelry, Living Things.  These classic vintage earrings make a great accessory to any outfit with their colorful precious stones and beads.  They are classic and bold; just like Ebonie :).

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Inayah (Part II), Flower Child | Portraits | Washington Square Park, NYC

So you may have seen this little lady before; here she is again.  Inayah; my star budding actress, transformed into a whimsical flower child for this bohemian inspired photo shoot.  What better location to pull off this look than in Washington Square Park, NYC.  A haven of sun bathers, street performers, and passerby’s from all walks of life with an eclectic sense of fashion.

We wandered around various sections of the park, in some instances being chased off of the grass by park security (sigh, what we go through all in the name of creating art). 

Inayah has a natural ability to completely adapt to her environment; without hesitation, she completely soaks in everything around her so that her presence fits in perfectly with her surroundings.  It's my guess that this is a strong quality to have in the field of performing arts.  I give you...Inayah.


This last photo was taken as we were wrapping up the shoot.  As she sat and crossed her legs with such poise; it was exciting to see the beautiful simplicity in this pose :).

I'd like to thank Washington Square Park for providing the beautiful energetic scenery, the sunny weather for giving us another reason to smile, and last but not least Inayah for being absolutely the best during this shoot :)!

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Preview of Victoria | NYC Lifestyle Portraits

Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King, Jr; I hope you're enjoying your holiday and had an awesome weekend!  Just about three weeks into the new year and I'm already meeting some amazing people.  Last week, I had the awesome pleasure to meet Leigh Anna of Moss + Isaac photography.  She's so down to earth and all around sweet person.  She does great work; check her out when you get a chance. And last but not least, I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady on Saturday for our photo shoot.  Meet Victoria.  She is just a burst of energy and coolness.  We hung out around 5th Avenue in NYC to grab some lifestyle shots of her during our portrait session.    Here's a quick preview of her shoot. I thought her hat was just so funky!  I'm jealous because it looks way better on Victoria than it does on me, lol.  I'll be back with more photos to show you how she rocked my camera during her shoot.  Until then, have an awesome week all! See Beauty... Ariane PS  Remember, Ariane Hunter Photography is running a promotion for  complimentary engagement sessions for all 2011 brides.  Check with me for more details!
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