Addison + Mom + Dad

I hope you all are having a great Monday so far.  Over the weekend, I had the incredibly humbling fortune to spend some quality time with my family; my brother, his wife, and son.  Being around my nephew and seeing how big he had gotten in the last 6 years had amazed me.  He is his own person and has developed a personality that brings a smile to my face.  It made me think back to when he was just a little boy and my muse, as I had taken hundreds of pictures of him as he grew up.  I hope to share some of those photos I had taken back in 2005 with you really soon but for now, I want to show you the little one that helped me see how precious family memories can really be; sweet Addison. Sweet belly kisses :). Addison was just as much fun asleep as she was awake. Addison you are so very loved... Mom, Dad, and Addison were absolutely amazing for this shoot.  A special thank you to them for inviting me into their home to capture their journey with their beautiful new daughter.  Love you guys! See Beauty... Ariane
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