Sharon & Serge; When Perfection Collides |Tobago Beach Wedding

When Sharon and Serge are together, I see two people that are perfectly aligned with joy and carefree love. The dream wedding that once existed in their hearts was brought to life the moment they decided to make their dreams come true. On their wedding day, grey clouds gave way to magnificent sun as though the universe created perfection just for them.
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A Love Like Theirs| Kristy + Jeremy's Wedding | NYC Wedding Photography

In between pockets of heavy downpours and ominous grey clouds, the heavens shined down on Kristy & Jeremy for their wedding day.  It had been a long time coming and finally the day was here for them to celebrate their love for each other. 

Watching these two together was such a special treat but I so admired the love and support showed to them by their friends and family.  Kristy and Jeremy had a big bridal party full of lifetime friends who had watched their relationship grow since the very beginning.  They are truly blessed.

Here are the fella's looking sharp and ready to get this party started :).  They are just oozing with cooliciousness; don't you agree?!!

Laughter, smiles, joy and comfort.  These ladies are a tight bunch. Whether they were beaming with pride for Kristy's happiness or helping to bustle the train of her wedding gown, they were there for Kristy in every way.

This is one of my top favorite images from the whole wedding day.  It was captured by my right hand gal and second shooter Pamela Smith.  This was such a beautiful expression from Kristy that perfectly showed the joy throughout the wedding day.

This next image I absolutely love.  To me this photo say's "best friends".  These two are such pea's in a pod having fun.  They know each other so well and will always be there for one another through love and support. 

Kristy and Jeremy made me very happy to be a part of the festivities of their very special day.  I truly wish them a lifetime of love and happiness in their marriage.

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Kristy + Jeremy, Wedding Day Preview | Toms River, NJ

Can't believe it's already been a week since this lovely couple has been married.  Last Friday, I had the special pleasure of photographing Jeremy & Kristy's wedding day.  I don't think these two stopped smiling all day. Through small periods of torrential downpour until the skies cleared up revealing the sun all the way into the calm balmy night; each moment was perfect in it's own way.

Here is a small preview of some of those perfect moments of Kristy & Jeremy's wedding day.

Stay tuned for the whole story of their wedding day.  Until then...

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Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Don't forget to laugh a bit more, hug a little harder, and keep love in all you do :).

Christina & Chuck: Married at City Hall!

Happy happy Friday!  We made it another week :).  As I write this, the sun is shining brightly through my window and it's energizing me to no end!  I'm so happy to share with you Christina & Chucks special wedding day at City Hall.  {Check out their wedding slideshow!} Christina and I spoke literally two days before her wedding and we instantly hit it off; I couldn't wait to meet her :).  She and her fiance Chuck had decided to have a small wedding ceremony at City Hall in downtown NYC.  Their relationship dates back to just two years ago where they first met in Beijing.  Christina being originally from Australia found herself here in NYC to be with Chuck and start their lives together.  On Friday, November 12th, after days and days of cloudy dreary weather, the sun returned just in time as Christina & Chuck tied the knot. What a special day this was; just the four of them:Christina, Chuck, and his Mom and Dad.  I look at them and I see perfection; a match made in heaven :). After they sealed their nuptials, we ventured to a nearby park to celebrate!  They were inseparable and couldn't take their eyes of each other. Christina made a beautiful bride and smiled from ear to ear the entire time.  I love smilers :)!  And Chuck with his quiet demeanor and giddy smile seemed like he was the luckiest guy in the world. One of my favoritest moments from the day was when Christina and Chuck decided to rip the flower petals from her bouquet and toss them in the air.  Haha! What a fun couple! Chuck puts the moves on Christina.  Real suave... These two are going to stay happy together for a really long time; I can just feel it :). Christina and Chuck thank you so very much for the honor of photographing your wedding day.  Working with this couple has humbled me and taught me that love can be celebrated in many different ways and it doesn't matter where you are as long as you have each other.  Be sure to check out the SLIDESHOW for more on Christina & Chuck's wedding day :) ! Have a wonderful weekend everybody! See Beauty... Ariane
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A Flower Grows In Brooklyn: Samontha + Terence

When I sit down to do write-up's for couples that I shoot, I think how can I make it sound: A- not cheesey and B-not repetitive.  The truth is, I can be a little cheesey; particularly when it comes to love and romance.  I don't know, it's in my bones and when I see something that makes my heart swoon I get all gushy about it.  Honestly, it has been such a blessing to meet and work with the people I have thus far; they have shown me how beautiful life (and love) can be.  It is no different with Samontha & Terence. We went out to Brooklyn near the park; the mecca where all photographers go to snap pics of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge, cobblestone streets, and beautiful sunsets.  There we were, and I'm all "ok so, Samontha and Terence we're going to climb on top of these rocks and ---"; I turn around and here they are, lol. Samontha & Terence were so fun; they just fell right into the photo shoot and nearly forgot I was there.  There I was snapping away and observing their love for each other as they giggled, whispered in each others ear, and held hands as though they had just met each other.  They got married on the beautiful island of Trinidad, right on the ocean; and now here they are as they celebrate three years as a married couple. Samontha found this flower nearby...a little tattered but still very vibrant and beautiful.  We decided to make it part of the shoot :). Samontha & Terence I wish you another 3, no, 30+ years of marriage.  Continue to find love and strength within each other; you are such an inspiration.  XOXO!! Stay tuned for "Reflections" of Samontha & Terence to hear their story as told in their own words; coming soon!
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Everybodys Hands Go......UP!! The Wedding of Seon & Aiyisha

Happy happy Friday!  It's finally here; the weekend AND Aiyisha & Seon's wedding day photos!  { Check out the wedding slideshow!} It was 11:00 AM and the hallways were empty and the hotel room was quiet and still; all of the details were in place for the wedding day of Aiyisha and Seon.  Soon there would be a burst of activity flurried with friends, family, excitement, and laughter. It's true that the perfect wedding dress is out there for everyone; it's as if this one was made just for Aiyisha :). She was the perfect maid of honor helping her sister on one of the most happiest days of her life. Yep, she's ready :). Meanwhile, on the floor above Aiyisha was her perfect groom prepping moments before seeing his wife; he never stops smiling :). Check out these guys.  Looking preeeettty SHARP! Almost show time! This is what happiness looks like :). Fierce ladies; simply fierce! Let me see your serious face.....ok, gooooood! lol Now let's have a little fun.   On my count.....JUMP!! lol Aiyisha & Seon featuring Princess Aiyanna.  No seriously, that's how it was written on the wedding day pamphlet, "Flower Girl: Princess Aiyanna".  Lol, very cute I must say :). Can I just say...?  I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this pic.  This was their entrance as husband and wife.  But guess what song they're dancing too?  "All I Do Is Win" and this is the part where "everybodys hands go up".  Check out the song if you're in the mood to jump out of your chair and start dancing, lol. Aiyanna practiced this dance with her dad for weeks.  She did an awesome job! Mr & Mrs. Defritas.....pure bliss Perfect day for a perfect couple.  Aiyisha & Seon, I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your marriage; your love is beautiful. Be sure to check out the SLIDESHOW for more on Aiyisha & Seon's wedding day :). A special thank you to: Tara Schott, Videographer of Parasol Video Productions.  You were so awesome to work with; hopefully our paths will cross again.  Aaannnd DJ's Mike Bacon & Christopher Smith for keeping the music going allllll niiiigggght loooongg!  :)
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