How writing helped me find my calling

How writing helped me find my calling

I don’t talk much about it but writing is and has always been a big part of my life. From a little kid scribbling words on pieces of paper, getting an A+ for best short essay in elementary school, to now most recently having my piece published in Writing for me is a very subtle yet powerful practice of mine that has oftentimes led me to my biggest breakthroughs in life and work.

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Career Wishes Do Come True - Some news to share!

Career Wishes Do Come True - Some news to share!

Most of you may know that I love writing. What started out as a journaling practice over five years ago has evolved into a love affair with the written word. I'm so grateful for your eyeballs each week reading through my musings on all things career purpose. My wish has been to grow my writing to reach audiences on a bigger scale and have my articles published on larger platforms.

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The Proofs in the Pudding; clear evidence that points to your purpose

Last week I was dining with a dear friend of mine. She and I have been friends for a long time and she is in an exciting transition mostly in her career as she explores what she truly loves.  And she’s also evolving as a person gaining clarity on her sense of self while peeling back the layers in discovering her truth.

As our conversation flowed over a glass of wine, my friend asked me how I made the transition into career coaching? What she really was asking was that coming from corporate, how was I able to make the switch into entrepreneurship to this particular field. It was a fair question and I want to share my answer here. 

I’ve always felt this huge electrical surge course through my body whenever I’m talking with someone about seeing their own power and potential.  When I was in my 20s, I had close friendships with women who were smart, down-to-earth, loved to have fun, hilariously funny, had high hopes ambitions, and were beautiful inside and out. However, these women often found themselves in troubling relationships with men; men who were either emotionally, physically abusive, or both.  It was particularly devastating to see my friends, smart, capable women, practically lose themselves in order to receive love from their men. Seeing their sadness and how being in an unhealthy relationship was affecting their confidence went against everything I believed in about why we are put on this earth.

Everything about it went against my values and it triggered me like nothing else could.

Elements of this belief can be found woven in the work that I have gone on to do in my life; photography and now career coaching. With photography, my aim was to shoot women in a way that captures their true beauty from within. To get them to see themselves as perfectly whole and showcase their inner light  as the thing that makes them beautiful. And now as a career coach, my work tells the story of empowering women to step fully into doing purposeful work and reveal their greatness. Because if you’re going to lose yourself in something, let it be for something that builds you up, not breaks you down.

And so I say to you, first find out what your values are because this will be the defining piece that connects you to what you’re really passionate about. You find it through experiences that either have challenged or supported your belief systems. Think about a time where you felt expansive and the freedom to speak up or take action. Also, notice what situations or events in your life seem to happen often. Notice the pattern of the types of people you most often attract in your life. Notice the feelings that seem to be triggered by certain people or events. What are they telling you? What are they showing you about what you value or believe in? Where else in your life can you find those beliefs or values being practiced?

The clues are there.  Slow down & take notice.

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The 4 Blind Spots

Picture for a moment, you’re driving along on a highway. You’re by yourself in your car and you are the only one on the road. It is a bright and sunny day. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s just you and a million miles of an endless stretch of road.  The road you’re on is leading you to absolute passion and fulfillment in your career. You’re on the right path, all you have to do is stay the course.

Photo Credit: Road to the river | Christina prat Mases

While driving you glance up in your rearview and see a swarm of cars aggressively gaining on you as you realize you now have company along your journey.

The road gets crowded and it starts to get to you as you realize you now have competition in achieving your dream career. You start to wonder, if everyone wants to get to the same place, how is it possible for you to get where you want to go. You think to yourself, this road is not big enough for all of us, I should pull off. This is an example of blind spot #1: Limiting Beliefs.

As you’re driving along, a red Mercedes pulls along the driver side. You glance over at the driver and notice the she looks over at your car, seems unimpressed, and quickly speeds up ahead of you. You immediately begin to think she is a jerk and that maybe your car is not nice enough. You have just experienced blind spot #2: Interpretations.

After miles and miles of smooth driving you notice the same convertible from a few miles back that cut you off.  You think to yourself, that’s the jerk that cut me off.  You begin to recall how frightful it was for you to veer out of your lane to avoid hitting the convertible. So rather than going your normal pace, you slow down to avoid catching up to the convertible. You believe that nothings changed and he will cut you off again so you stay behind. Welcome to blind spot #3: Assumptions.

Finally, you’re nearing towards your destination and you can see the long journey to having higher career fulfillment is almost over. After driving for so long you notice the road is nearly empty, just like when you started out on your journey. But behind you notice a black Hummer who’s presence seems to take up the entire road. The Hummer is big and intimidating with tinted windows so that you can’t even see the person driving it.  The Hummer drives uncomfortably close to you and you find yourself switching lanes, slowing down, and avoiding eye contact as you try to ignore his presence. Only you can’t. His presence makes you feel small, insignificant, not good enough. You’ve driven all this way but you question whether or not you’re ready to arrive at your destination. Surely, the other cars, especially the Hummer are better suited to reach their goal and have a rewarding career. The feeling makes you want to stop in your journey and turn around. You have entered the deepest and most troubling blind spot of all, #4: Inner Critic.

These are the 4 Blind Spots that stop you from attaining greater success and happiness in your career and within your life. I call them blind spots because we are not always aware of them and they work against us from creating greater fulfillment in your career and within your life. As with all things worth going for, the path towards your calling is a journey and process that is ripe with challenges that were designed for you to overcome. Starting this week, make an effort to catch yourself and see your own ‘blind spots’ and how they hold you back. Creating awareness around your blind spots will help lead you to your desired destination.

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Change The Script

We all land roles in our lives. Some of them we like, most of them we don’t like. But we stick with them hoping that the casting director will re-assign us. Now, I’m no film director and I have zero experience creating movies, BUT imagine for a moment that your life were a movie.  Who’s your cast of characters? Scan your life of family and friends and see what role they play in your life. Now shift over to your j-o-b. The place you spend most of your waking hours. What role do you play there? Who is your character? Describe him or her. If you were viewing your character on a movie screen on the screenplay of your life what would you notice about your role? What would you tell your character? How closely does your character play to role of a victim? Victor? Or the villain? There’s no right or wrong answer here, just a simple observation.
In creating the movie of your life, it is important to understand that you are in charge of the script. Every scene that you’re in, the characters that enter/exit into your movie, and even what type of movie you want your life to be. Adventure? Romantic? Comedy? Documentary?
You have the power to write your own movie. What would your starring role be in your career? What would you be doing? Who would support you? What challenges would you overcome?

Image Credit: Leroy1965  
This is your movie. If you don’t like it, rather than idly waiting for your story to change on it's own or for someone else to give you another role, how about stepping into the role of Writer/Director. You write the script of your own life movie. If you don’t like the way your movie is playing out, change it. The beginning, middle, and end are all up to you. You own the story.

Don’t like your movie? Change the script.

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Bigger Than 8.2%

I woke up this morning, sat at my computer and the first thing I read in bold red lettering "Unemployment Rate Raises to 8.2%". Instantly, my heart felt sad. I feel for all of us who are suffering because of it; I say "us" because we are all in some way effected by this statistic whether we are unemployed or not; we are all one. This percentage represents real people. Real hearts that are either jobless and struggling or even those that are gainfully employed but are severely unhappy in their jobs. Our heart is unemployed because we are not allowing it to do it's job; fuel us by living our true passion & purpose.

Headlines like this makes me think of the mindset we fall into as a result of hearing this news about unemployment on a regular basis. It further pushes us into a state of sadness and frustration as we only see a dismal future right before our eyes. But the Truth is, we are not these numbers. We are not an 8.2% unemployment rate. No. We are much bigger than that; much greater than that. We as spiritual beings are capable of such unlimited potential, we could never be held underneath the thumb of "dismal figures". 


Your potential is not given to you in the form of a cushy job and a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of every month. No. Your potential is already within you; it always has been there since the day you were born. How do you know it's there? First by acknowledging that it is, even if you can't see it. You don't have to see it. You ARE it. You ARE your potential.

And that my friend, is greater than any unemployment rate that they may throw at us.

With Love & Light,


Conversations In The Park | Personal Reflections

"Excuse me umm, are you a photographer”?  I heard this small voice say from behind me.  I was about 15 minutes into a portrait session with Pamela in Central Park when he approached me.  I turned around to see this adorable little boy.  His name was Avery; he was about 15 years old.  He had blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a sweet polite innocence about him.  I happily replied “yes, I am” as I turned towards him.   He went on to ask “is there anything special about photography that I should know?”

What a loaded question!  There was so much I wanted to tell Avery; so much I wanted him to know about what I had discovered on my own journey in photography.  I told him that like any type of artistry, it all begins from within.   That anything in the world around him could be captured in the way he envisioned.  Landscapes, objects, animals, people could all be uniquely photographed just by seeing the world with his heart.  We talked about light and how this is the most important element that can be used to create something beautiful. Avery didn’t own a camera but I expressed to him that even the most simplest camera could be used to capture something creatively.  I told Avery to always keep shooting because with every click of the camera you learn a little bit more about yourself.

Little did he know, but Avery totally made my day when he walked up to me to introduced himself and ask about photography.  I appreciated his courage and humility.  My hope for him is that he always holds onto his childlike curiosity that prompted him to approach me that day.  And to always keep that spark he had in his eyes whenever he learns something new. 

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." – Pablo Picasso

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