Photo Competition, Help Me Decide!!

So I've decided to do it! I'm going to enter this year's Photobook NYC competition for a chance to win a year long PDN magazine subscription, a BLURB gift card, AAANNND the chance to be published in a special edition of PDN Magazine!  I'm so excited to apply but I have tons of pictures that I want to submit, but I only need to select one.  Aaarrrggh! I can't decide!  The photos have to be NYC related and can be anything that represents people, places, things, events or anything related to the city or the surrounding boroughs. I have narrowed it down to three photos; please help me choose! So let me tell you a little about each one: Silhouette of the cityscape; I thought the diagonal perspective and contrasted colors gives it kind of a funky look :). Annnd so this one was taken at 34th Street station, one of the main subway hubs in Manhattan.  A piece of NYC culture as this dancer and her band put on a show for commuters and tourists. And then we have the Coney Island shot.  I chose this image because I think everyone can relate to the excitement of an amusement park and Coney Island is one of many iconic places in NYC. So, what do you think?  Is there one particular image that speaks to you more than the others?  I can't decide, so I'm turning it over to you out there.  All comments are welcome!  Thanks for all of your help :)!
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