Here Comes Nikia!

My friend from college, now the subject of a recent photo shoot, Ms. Nikia Alleyn.  I was delighted when Nikia contacted me to set this up.  She explained to me that she was looking to have photos done of her that she could look back on as a keepsake.  The sentiment was perfect.  I totally agree that everyone should have at least one photo of themselves that encompasses your true essence at a moment in time. Nikia was dolled up from head to toe.  Her hair and makeup was done by the amazingly talented VaNessa Cook.  I couldn't wait to get to snapping pictures of Nikia; she looked absolutely beautiful!  I could tell Nikia was equally as excited to get started with the photos.  Her eyes shown brightly and her body language exuded energy.  Here she is, ready for her close up! And this last one, I absolutely love.  It was an "after the shot" shot; the special moment when you capture a person's natural state, unposed... Thanks so much for working with me Nikia! I hope that these photos can give you lasting memories and remind you of your beautiful spirit.
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