Photographer, Grace Mz gie | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

I see beauty in my dream that dream shouldn't stay as a dream anymore, you just have to take daring step for it. Your dream shouldn't make you weak but it must be the reason to give power into your life. However, a dream stays there forever, if you aren't willing to do any effort, seeing for an opportunity and ready to sacrifice.

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Photographer, Kim Manley Ort | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

“The meaning of life is to see.” ~ Hui Neng, 13th century monastic

The quote above has been a favorite of mine for some time now. As a photographer and a human being, my goal is to see reality as it is, with as few preconceived notions as possible.

What I have found is that there are always new and surprising ways to see an object, a person, or a situation – and often, there is more beauty present than we ever imagined.

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Artist, Tracey Chan | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

Today I woke up and I was facing the window side of the room. The light streamed gently down the wall from under bamboo blinds in a peaceful gradient; light to darkness. The sun was blazing outside, but the graceful sunshine filtered dreamily. With groggy eyes, I lay there for a while thinking about how gorgeous that small vignette was, and being grateful that I could see it. And this is my life; made up of these little beautiful moments in the simple things.

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Photographer, Tara Hornich | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

There’s a place I love to go with my daughter - it’s usually very green there and full of fresh air and gentle breezes. I grew up there, riding horses, walking through paths and hiking around a small stream that flows through the mountain. I love this place. I love how beautiful it feels and smells. I love what it reminds me of and I know I can go there any time to find grace.

It’s my paradise.

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